ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The Left’s vision of the Future is a road to the Past:  Windmills, Sail ships, and slow passenger trains.  The Left wants to bring humanity back to a largely pre-industrial age:  No cars, no planes, and nearly no electricity.  This is what will happen to all but the super wealthy in America if the Left succeeds in its war on energy and fossil fuels.  First it was coal, now it is oil drilling, fracking, and even natural gas on the enemies’ list.  If regulation and taxes makes oil and gas unaffordable, Americans will not only lose their cars and access to airline flights, they will effectively be denied the freedom to travel.  The war on fossil fuels will make it impossible for most Americans to even heat their homes, and make no mistake, that’s part of the plan.  The Left hates the suburbs and the rural country class.  They hate the prosperity that allows Americans 3,000 square foot homes, swimming pools, hot tubs, and automobiles that let them travel where and when they choose, and not under the control of Amtrak.

Democrat energy policy is the ultimate War on Women.  The inventions that liberated women from back breaking work; the vacuum cleaner, the oven, the washing machine and dryer, the iron, the refrigerator, are all on the Green Movement chopping block.  Day to day living will be miserable, grueling, and uncomfortable too, because the Left has also declared war on air conditioners and hair dryers.

Antique wash tub isolated on white with a clipping path

So, have fun doing laundry for hours at your certified, environmentally friendly scrub boards and wash tubs, ladies.  Have fun beating your rugs with wire paddles.  Have fun wearing wrinkled clothes and having to go to market to buy your food daily.  Guess you’ll have to give up working that job you have outside the home, too.  But maybe it won’t be that bad.  Your energy costs will be so high that you won’t have a big wardrobe, or a big place to live.  The Left will next roll out a war against single family homes, and living in the suburbs.  They have already started a fetish for “micro homes” and super small apartments of 200 square feet or less.

Carbon taxes are waiting in the wings, designed to transfer the wealth of the middle class to a few wealthy oligarchs like Al Gore and Barack Obama, who both own big shares in the embryonic Carbon Credit Exchange of Chicago.  Sky high prices on energy, with taxes piled on top, will leave ordinary Americans to living like peasants in small, cold hovels, and dressed in rags.

The elites are all set to eradicate the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and drag us back to the Age of Feudalism, where desperately poor and hungry masses are ruled over by powerful Lords and Ladies living in opulence.  When I say that the Left wants to create a world like the Hunger Games, I’m not engaging in hyperbole or exaggeration.  I’m deadly serious, and being deadly accurate.

That dystopian nightmare is being laid down by Obama’s EPA and Bureau of Land Management.  It will leave America with energy for only a lucky rich few, no manufacturing, and without jobs or prosperity for most.  Social unrest and outright Civil War are not only not unthinkable, they will be welcome.