Trey Gowdy Admits He’s a Globalist

ELDER PATRIOT - There can be no mistaking certain social and economic truths.  When the president, congress, and the courts consistently deny the realities of the laws of nature we are brought to a watershed election.  That is what we are now facing.  So, when Trey Gowdy, who the mainstream media had carefully crafted into a conservative, endorsed Marco Rubio recently my antenna went up.  On the most important issues of the day Rubio is not a conservative.

A while back I wrote a column identifying the three issues that will be of paramount importance in the 2016 elections.  They were and continue to be controlling our borders, terrorism, and the economy.  If we ignore these issues now there will be little left of our country to argue about in future elections.  Significantly, because of the president’s policies and prior court decisions, these three issues have become inextricably tied together.  Gowdy knows this but chooses to tell the people they can have one without the other two.

Unless his goal is to bring

our standard of living down to that of the third world nations where a large percentage of the immigrant class has and continues to come from, there is no way to absorb the costs attendant to feeding, housing, providing medical care, and all of the other costs that these people will need to survive without adding to our debt. 

Our generosity will be tested until the time that the effort expended in emigrating by foreigners no longer yields a better life than they have in their native countries.  What that means is that as our economy slows under the burden created by their needs, and the conditions for everyday Americans continues worsening, the only ones who will make the effort to get here are the migrants in greatest need.

Already we can see the effects in many of our neighborhoods where the lower economic demographic of Americans live and where property values are half of what they once were.  Homes that used to have one car on their driveway now have three or four because greater numbers of people have found it necessary to move in together in order to eke out an existence.   

This is the result of the large numbers of American citizens who are out of work or who are working for less money due, at least in part, to the compression of wages brought on by both legal and illegal immigrants’ willingness to work for less.

With at least 100 million Americans and migrants of working age unable or unwilling to find employment the stress on the eighty-five million income tax paying workers has grown untenable and is resulting in trillion dollar deficits, annually.  This is not a sustainable model.

Now congress and the president have decided to open the nation’s arms to hundreds of thousands more immigrants from Middle Eastern jihadi nations that they prefer to call “refugees.”  The cost of this generosity is likely to come to $30 billion in year one at a time when we are borrowing money to pay for current expenditures to help America’s native citizenry get along, as it is.  As long as the program continues, the costs and therefore our debt will grow by a similar amount every year.  The argument that many of these people will get jobs is specious because the job they take will displace someone else forcing that person to seek government assistance instead.

But it gets even worse.  The costs necessary to address the security concerns immigrants from the Middle East bring are significant ranging from pre-screening to FBI observation once they’re here.  Many of these people will be proven to be terrorists.  This is not idle conjecture.  An objective examination of the events now unfolding in Europe reveals as much where assimilation isn’t on the Muslim immigrants’ agenda but “conditioning” of women through rape is.  Gowdy knows this too.

So why does Mr. Gowdy align himself with open borders proponent Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) who has declared “I have only one loyalty…and that’s to the immigrant community?”

Gowdy’s answer to that question is either condescending or he’s far from the brilliant prosecutor the mainstream media has built him up to be, “When children wander into neighborhood yards, we don’t call that trespassing.”

Seriously, Trey?  My neighbor’s kid mows my lawn when I’m on vacation.  And his parents have never expressed an interest in strapping a bomb to him with the intention of killing as many Christians and Jews as possible so he may find favor with Allah.

Trey Gowdy, with the help of the mainstream media, has crafted his reputation as a devout conservative.  He’s not, as his support of Rubio and Gutierrez’s open borders policy makes clear. They seek to unbundle the troika of border control, security concerns, and economic sanity when it is simply impossible to do so. 

Radio host Mark Levin who represents the vanguard of the conservative movement was so incensed by Mr. Gowdy’s endorsement of Marco Rubio that he had this message for his listeners, “Many of you like this Trey Gowdy…He’s a former assistant U.S. attorney, I believe. Very effective, but sadly turns out he’s a RINO.”

The mainstream media (aka The Rockefeller Mediacracy) has spent decades endeavoring to confuse conservative American voters at the behest of their Globalist owners through the use of labels.  At one time “Republican” clearly defined those candidates supporting strict Constitutional governance.  Globalist donors then endeavored successfully to get liberals elected as Republicans and, in many cases they succeeded. 

As the voters caught on to this ploy the label “conservative” supplanted the label of “Republican” in describing those candidates believing in strict adherence to the Constitution.  The mainstream media and the Globalists then worked together to corrupt that terminology to confuse conservative voters once again with the intention of remaking the Republican delegation into joining the Democrats as the “other” Globalist Party.

Trey Gowdy has been the beneficiary of these efforts to confuse the political dialogue.  America’s rank and file Republican voters who overwhelmingly recognize the importance of maintaining America’s sovereignty above all else should reject Gowdy at this time no matter what his other positions may be. 

This watershed election demands as much.

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