ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It is Wednesday, July 13, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.


According to the Pundit Class, this was the moment in the race that Hillary Clinton was supposed to increase her lead on Trump, consolidate her base with the late and begrudging endorsement of Bernie Sanders this week, and put some separation between herself and Trump in the polls.  According to the Beltway Consultants, this was the moment in the race where Donald Trump’s candidacy would fall apart.  This is the moment in the race where the #NeverTrumpers stab Trump in the back, and sabotage his candidacy at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.  This was to be the moment when the millions and millions of dollars in attack ads spent by the Clinton campaign started to stick to Trump, painting him as “dangerous” and not having the “proper judgment” to be president.  This was the moment when the disorganized and underfunded Trump campaign should be unable to even find a willing candidate to be his Vice-President on the ticket.

The facts didn’t work out that way.  First, Clinton’s use of a Get Out of Jail Free Card with her FBI investigation, while freeing her of criminal indictment, only served to convict her politically with the electorate.  FBI Director Comey’s exculpatory statement on criminal liability damned Hillary as “extremely careless” with handling America’s state secrets, and hinted that she didn’t have the requisite criminal intent because she was too stupid, technologically, to have understood the ramifications of what she did.

This completely destroyed Clinton’s argument that Trump doesn’t have the proper judgment to be President, by destroying her own credibility on the issue of competency.

Then there was the terrorist attack by #BlackLivesMatter that left 5 dead cops in Dallas, along with other sporadic attacks on cops in several other states around the country, including one attack that involved dropping a cinder block on a patrolman’s head, shattering his spine.

But it didn’t stop there.  Social Media Giants, and notorious Democrat Party allies, came out in support of #BLM in the aftermath.  Facebook put up a giant banner in support of BLM on their corporate HQ, and left up a bloody graphic of a hooded BLM member slitting a cop’s throat with a knife.  Zuckerberg says such a graphic “doesn’t violate Facebook community standards”.  Twitter left up dozens of #BLM tweets celebrating the deaths of policemen with glee and blood lust.

Then Hillary Clinton really stepped in it, rushing out to say, before the bodies were even cold, that it is “police and white people who must change”.  Talk about blaming the victim.  This is on top of Clinton’s former pandering to the radical #BLM movement, affirming that ideological litmus test that ONLY Black Lives Matter, and rejecting the idea that ALL lives matter.

Into this political vacuum, Donald Trump stepped up to show he is the only adult in the room.  He announced that he was the only “Law & Order Candidate”, and he vowed to Make America Safe Again.  A constant target of #BLM street violence, the battle lines between Trump and Clinton could not be more stark:  Trump stands with the Police, and for the idea of Law and Order, and public safety.  Clinton chose to stand with a radical movement that calls for the murder of cops, that commits murders of cops, and which now has gone even further, declaring war on white people in general.  #BLM even called this week for the creation of a Black State within the United States, calling for the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to be turned over to a new “Black Nation” within the nation.

Outside of raving lunatic Communists, this ought to completely write off the white vote in America for Clinton.  Live by Radicalism, Die by Radicalism.

In the aftermath of these events, Clinton’s LOST her lead in the latest polls, and Trump is now leading her by 2 points.  Factoring in the margin of error, the race is a statistical dead heat.  This wipes away all the millions of dollars spent against Trump.

A July 5th Rasmussen poll matching up Clinton vs. Trump has Trump winning by two points, with Trump beating Clinton 42 to 40.  The margin of error is 3 points.   A July 5th Rasmussen 3 way poll which includes Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party also has Trump +2.  The breakdown was Clinton 38, Trump 40, and Johnson 9.  The Margin of Error is 3 points.

The race is turning into a replay of the 1968 race.  There, too, the Democrat Party embraced radicalism and street violence.  The Black Panther Party preached hatred towards whites and dreamed of a separate black state.  Richard Nixon won by being the law & order candidate, as Americans recoiled in horror from the violence and criminality on the Left.

History repeats.