ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Thursday night in Las Vegas the top presidential contenders, Republican Donald Trump and DemocRat Hiliary Clinton, squared off for the final time before Election Day.  When the dust settled, neither candidate had succeeded in delivering a knockout blow against the other.

The Real Winner of the Third Debate:  Chris Wallace

Trump is NOT a good debater.  This goes with the territory when you have a candidate that is neither a professional politician nor a lawyer, which is the usual background for the political class.  Though both Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan were media celebrities, Donald Trump has none of the golden throated oratory of Ronald Reagan.  Often, Donald Trump doesn’t even finish his own sentences.

Thus it was on Wednesday night, where Donald Trump let numerous hanging curve balls, and even some soft balls, go by without even taking a swing.  Trump appeared a bit flustered and both failed to defend against the same old sniping attacks that Hillary used against him in the second debate, and failed to slam Clinton on her own vulnerabilities.

Hiliary used old lines that relied on lies and deceptions, stinging Trump for buying Chinese steel, offshoring jobs, not paying taxes, and accusing him of using illegal laborers.  Trump did not respond, and never turned the tables on Clinton as he easily could have, by pointing out that businesses have been forced to do business overseas precisely because of the trade policies of the Beltway Elites (like NAFTA).

God did not intervene on the part of the American People, and strike down that Evil Witch Hiliary.  Whatever Dark Arts Clinton has used to get through 90 minutes on her feet worked once again, and she sailed through the debate without a seizure, a flutter, or even a cross eyed moment.

But the lies that Hillary uses to bluff her way through these debates is starting to catch up to her.  Despite the news blackout orchestrated by her Media Allies on the Wikileaks e-mails from her campaign, the Truth has been leaking out.  Frank Luntz’ focus group knew Clinton was lying when she claimed she had donated 90% of the money collected by the Clinton Foundation to Haiti.  It generated one of the lowest, most negative reactions by Democrats and Republicans alike.  The truth is out on the street, and the street knows that the Clintons stole $2 billion dollars from Haiti, and is still sitting on over 96% of the money while Haiti reels from another natural disaster.

For all the Clinton Happy Talk about the economy, people who have lost their jobs know they aren’t doing well.  People know their healthcare costs have quadrupled because of Obamacare.  People know both their own private debt has increased, as well as our public debt.  They know that crime is rising and that illegal immigrants are flowing in.  They know that Clinton is for Open Borders and Gun Confiscation, no matter how many times she tries to deny it, or spin it.

After shocking revelations of DemocRat voter fraud and vote rigging, uncovered by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, Donald Trump rightly refused to automatically say he would accept the results of the election.  Of course, the Clinton Flying Monkeys of the Palace Guard Media attacked Trump for not rolling over and accepting the election getting stolen out from under him (as Bernie Sanders did).

So it’s on to Election Day.  We are at an historic crossroads.  The Constitution and the Republic itself is on the ballot.  A Trump victory will restore constitutionalism and self- governance.  A Clinton victory will complete our transition from a constitutional republic and back to a Tyrannical Oligarchy, and from free enterprise and back to the servitude of Feudalism and Serfdom.  There is no middle ground, and to fail to make a choice is to still choose by omission.