ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It’s Wednesday, September 28, 2016 and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.


Twenty-Four hours after the first clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the debate stage and every poll on who won the debate says that viewers thought that Donald Trump won, save one.  That would be the CNN/ORC poll, which had Hillary winning by over 30 points.  But it has already been dismissed as a shill poll (really, what else did you expect from CNN?) when it became known that the poll over sampled DemocRats by a whopping 41%.  So, in a poll that asked DemocRats over Republicans by a near 2 to 1 margin, Hillary won the debate.  Gee, thanks CNN for that brilliant piece of propaganda!

chair force one

So why did so many think that Trump won?  Well, another poll shows that just 36% of the public thinks that Hillary Clinton is healthy.  That’s Bad News for Team Clinton, who were no doubt hoping that Hillary managing to stay vertical for 90 minutes would tamp down the swirling rumors about her health.  It means that the full blood transfusion of innocent sacrificed infants seems to have been in vain.  (kidding) 

The other reason that folks might have thought that Trump won was because they really don’t care about the smooth polished lies that Clinton so smoothly delivered from her podium.  What they saw, and identified with, was Trump like a lion in the Roman Colosseum, being tortured from all sides in a blood sport spectacle.  They recognized the despicable Lester Holt being an unethical miscreant when he carried the water for the Clinton campaign, needling Trump over his tax returns while ignoring Clinton’s email scandal.  And her Clinton Foundation scandal.  And her Saudi funding scandal.  And every other of the dozens of scandals and corpses that follow Hillary around like the chains of Jacob Marley.


Another reason might be that while 84 million tuned in for the debate, many tuned out after the first 30 minutes to watch Monday Night Football.  As you will recall, Trump dominated the first 30 minutes of the debate.  So, if that was your only sampling of the debate, your lasting impression would have been of Donald Trump talking animatedly over Hillary’s canned, robotic responses. 

Here is another possibility:  Trump spoke to the worries and concerns of Main Street America.  The America that is out of work.  The America that hasn’t seen a raise in 15 years.  The happy talk of Hillary Clinton (crime is down and incomes are up) came off to many as not only incongruent to their reality, but just plain old out of touch.  Then there was the smug, self-satisfied smile that Clinton wore while her flying monkey Lester Holt tormented Trump with questions about tax returns and race baiting.  The image dripped with the evil aura of a Disney villain like Cruella DeVille.


Let’s see what the next week brings.