U.S. Special Forces Give ISIS a BRUTAL Surprise

soldier in the mountains during the military operation

KIRSTERS BAISH| There are some crazy stories when it comes to the Special Forces. Word on the street is that leaks in the English media are supplying a great one. A Special Air Service officer showed his humorous side when he destroyed an ISIS fighter. An inside source is now saying that the Special Forces group (a very large ISIS battalion close to Mosul, Iraq) surrounded a little division of English Special Forces officers.

The elite group was running out of ammunition and falling on their asses. They knew that they had to make a rash decision in order to survive. They made the choice to “go out fighting” by grabbing anything they could get ahold of that would make their fight a little bit easier, and ultimately more successful.

In the early evening over 20 ISIS members were already killed, however, the British troops were already nearly completely out of ammo and desperate to find a way to get rid of the rest of the terrorists. These British troops weren’t stupid. They were well aware that if the ISIS group were to capture them there would be no making it out alive. They would be tortured and eventually decapitated.

Instead of cowering like most millennials choose to do these days, these brave troops decided to take a different approach. Instead of being killed like cowards on their hands and knees they decided to attack the ISIS members and take as many of the terrorists out as they possibly could. The ISIS fighters were navigating across a riverbed when the troops confronted the bad guys.

The SAS soldiers made bayonets and grabbed knives along with any other weapons they could pull together in order to make their attack. They shared one last moment together saying their goodbyes to one another before making their move on the terrorist scumbags. The group of about 30 ISIS fighters didn’t know what they had coming to them.

The inside source claimed:

“They fired off their few remaining bullets and dropped several terrorists before setting about them with whatever weapons they had.”

The troops beat the living SHIT out of the terrorists between stabbing and beating the men. The best part of the whole story, one SBS Officer even drowned one of the ISIS fighters in a tiny puddle of muddy water. The terrorist suffocated nice and slowly, don’t you worry. The very SAME man then picked up a rock and beat the living snot out of another ISIS member. This story just keeps getting better and better!

Bet you didn’t think of using your rifle as a baseball bat! Well one soldier decided that was just what he was going to do when he used the blunt end of his assault rifle to bludgeon three terrorists to death. Brutal, I know. Then there were the ones continuously stabbing the ISIS fighters who were controlling the artillery. These guys did a bang-up job, no pun intended.

Following the ruthless battle, it is reported that the ISIS pansies ran away like a bunch of babies. The SAS unit was moved to safe ground. Good job, guys!