VIDEO: Girl Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her… Then the Chief Releases Bodycam Footage

KIRSTERS BAISH| We all know that millennials get a bad rep these days, because of people like Logan Huysman who drag the rest of their peers down with them. This lying 18-year-old jerk from Burlington, Vermont made herself look like a total imbecile after making false claims that two police officers sexually assaulted her while putting her in the back of their squad car. Her claims were quickly shot down after bodycam footage of the incident was released. 

During the early hours of June 22nd, two officers found Huysman and two friends passed out in their car which was parked and still running. They immediately smelled alcohol and marijuana, leading them to search the vehicle and confiscate paraphernalia, including a bong.

The officers were actually being really nice to the teens, offering to simply take the bong away and let the girls go on their way without so much as a slap on the wrist. Huysman had to open her big fat mouth while waiting for her dad to come pick her up. The officers made the choice to arrest the girl after she began acting violently towards the officers.

The girl’s Facebook post recalls her account of the story. She wrote:

“Just so everybody is aware, police brutality in Vermont is REAL. Just because you have a badge does not mean you have the right to put your hands on me. Not only did Officer Ngyuen and Officer Lippa decided to waste their time interrogating 3 girls who were simply napping in a car they also decided to assault me for “resisting arrest” as they shove me in a cop car for NO REASON. (literally blew zeros and they were still convinced that I deserved to be arrested, assaulted and thrown into the back of the cop car. Clearly BPD has nothing better to do so I would suggest a new profession. ALSO these men touched me inappropriately to get me into the cop car. I would consider that sexual assault especially coming from “authority.” Like who the f*ck are you keeping safe. In any way does this sound okay?”

Her grammar proves how idiotic and uneducated this young scum bucket is. Her Facebook post proved to be a lie once police chief Brandon Del Pozo released bodycam and dashcam footage from the arrest to the public.
See for yourself:

This dumbass even demanded that the police department reimburse her for the bong they took from her.

It’s unbelievable how ignorant some people can be. Maybe Huysman will think twice next time before wasting the time of the police department and making herself look like a total snot.