What is Spy Dialer

How Does Spy Dialer Work and Is it Safe?

Spy dialer is an app that lets you anonymously find unmarked phone numbers. It is a reverse phone lookup service provided to users for free. With this app, you can search for numbers you don’t know and locate contacts you have lost. 

Many people don’t like picking calls when they don’t have an idea of who is calling. Sometimes, you may miss a call from a strange number and would like to know who is before you call back. 

All of these are areas where an app like Spy dialer can come in handy. They can help you determine the contact before you call back. In most cases, these services are not free, and f they are, you get a limited version of these services. Many other tools do the same as Spy dialer like reverse lookup, Trucaller, and so on. 

What else does Spy Dialer do?

In addition to doing a reverse lookup, Spy dialer can connect you to the mailbox of any phone number. This is especially the case if you don’t want to speak to a person. Although the app does reverse lookups, it is not as elaborate as many others out there. 

The application can help when you have lost contact with someone. This app can help you recover the phone number and application of that person. It can also work for locating numbers spamming you with missed calls. It tells you who it is and displays a map of the general location of the caller. This is possible because it uses the phone number’s code. When this happens, you will have an idea of who is calling you and if you want to speak. 

Spy dialer also provides you with other information like how long the owner of an unknown number has been using their phone services. It also tells you if it is a landline or cell phone. According to the company behind the app, all of the information it uses comes from user-contributed address books and public information. 

Some users may be worried that their personal information may be easily accessed by third parties on the platform. However, this is not the case as Spy dialer gives you the capacity to delete your information from its database without any fee. 

How To Use Spy Dialer?

Spy Dialer was established by Robert Scott, who also plays the role of the CEO. He is a licensed private investigator who is experienced in investigating phone numbers. 

Spy Dialer offers you their versions which include: 

The Free version 

SHARE version 

PAY version 

The free dialer offers users 3-free spy dials each day for every person or device. The pay version costs around $10 each year, and you get 100 spy dials each day. The share version requires that you share your address book with spydialer.com. In turn, you will get 100 spy dials each day per device or person. 

To use spy dialer, find your wat to the website https://www.spydialer.com/. It directs you to the home page of the app where you have to type or dial the number you are searching for. The site directs you to a page where you can choose if you want to search for the name of someone, their image, or their address and email if they are registered. 

There are various instances where you can effectively use Spy Dialer, which include: 

When you delete the details and contact of someone by accident, you can easily recover it with the spy dial’s search. 

When a strange number keeps calling you constantly, you can find the number using Spy Dial. 

If you keep getting missed calls from a source you don’t know, spy dialer will help you locate the details of the number that has been calling. 

Is it legal?

The app uses an application publicly available like social media and other user-contributed address books to offer photos and names for strange and unknown phone number lookups. 

Numbers are not gotten through any illegal means, which means you can use it without worrying about problems with the law. 

Wrap up 

There are numerous websites and applications that offer reverse phone number lookup services. However, they all pale in comparison with Spy dial. One of the benefits of Spy dial is that it does not cost anything to use, and you can be certain that your information is always safe. 

If you have a number constantly spamming you with calls, or a contact you deleted by accident, then Spy dialer is your best bet.

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