ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - In Part One, we discussed MGTOW, the Men Going Their Own Way men’s social movement that is abandoning relationships with women in general, and boycotting marriage in particular.  In Part Two we discussed how political campaigns and laws instigated by Radical Feminism, including unfair divorce laws and college campus kangaroo courts are fueling the MGTOW movement.  In Part Three, we will discuss the final trend line that is combining to create a Perfect Storm that will make it much harder for women to find men to marry.  This final trend is technological:  The coming Robotics Revolution.

As you may have already heard, a revolution in robotics is coming (and in some sectors is already here) that is going to cause unprecedented economic and social upheaval.  In terms of shrinking the pool of marriageable men, the attack will be two fold.  The first prong of the attack is how robotics is going to create an astounding number of unemployed men.  How does this effect your search for a husband?  Of the several constants of the universe, like gravity, the speed of light, death, and taxes, is one more universal constant:  Women do NOT marry unemployed men.  So any factor that creates widespread unemployment is bad news for women hunting for a good husband. 

How bad will the wave of unemployment be from Robotics?  One recent study entitled , “The Future of Employment” by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne, reported on recently in U.K.’s The Independent, estimates that 35% of ALL existing jobs will be taken over by robots in the next 20 years.  But this is a fairly conservative estimate.  The same study reports that 47% of all jobs are at “high risk” of being automated.  Think about what kind of tsunami of human wreckage would occur if nearly half of all jobs are taken over by robots in a relatively short amount of time.  No other technological breakthrough in history has ever threatened such massive human dislocation.  Unlike past technological breakthroughs, there will be no new industry to create a commensurate amount of new jobs to replace destroyed old ones.  While the invention of the automobile destroyed the jobs of carriage makers and the multitude of jobs associated with the maintenance of horses, it also created many more jobs making and maintaining automobiles.  Not so with the Robotics Revolution.  Because the construction of robots will be done by…other robots!

Consider how robotic automation is going to impact just one facet of the economy:  Jobs that involve trucks and cars.  Beyond the 3.5 million tractor trailer truck drivers in the US, there are also a plethora of other jobs behind the wheel of an automobile:  Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, limousine chauffeurs, Delivery van drivers for Fed Ex and UPS, school bus drivers, city transit bus drivers, construction vehicles, and even passenger van shuttles.  To give you an idea of how big a sector of the job market drivers are, the following is a list of states which had as its most common job in 2014 the job of truck driver:  Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and California.  Get the picture?  When we add up just all the driving jobs, we are talking about 40% of the total workforce.  Why discuss driver jobs in particular?  Because they are about to be lost to robotics in just a few short years. Complete autonomous operation of robot cars and trucks is planned to begin in mid 2018 and be completed by mid 2022.  Google has finished road testing it’s robot car and is ready to begin mass production.  Driver automation fall to robots within the next five years.  But it is far from the only one.  Jobs as diverse as Chefs, Bartenders, Salesmen, Assembly Lines, Oil Exploration, and Models are among the careers judged to be at high risk for automation by the study “The Future of Employment”, referred to above.

All of this automation is going to put a lot of men out of work, on a scale never before seen.  A husband who can financially take care of you is a top factor for most women in deciding who to marry.  The pool of those men is about to radically shrink.

The second prong of attack by the Robotics Revolution comes from an unexpected quarter for most women:  The challenge to make women themselves obsolete!  The often discussed Holy Grail of the MGTOW movement is the hope that, one day soon, the robotics revolution will provide men with female androids as mates and companions, completely cutting out biological women altogether.

Hollywood has put out many movies featuring synthetic, yet somewhat scary, women.  Fritz Lang’s silent movie masterpiece, “Metropolis”, started the trend with a robot saboteur disguised as a beautiful woman.  In the 1970’s audiences were treated to the menacing actions of  “The Stepford Wives”, murderous Fembots in the campy “Austin Powers”, the relentless assassin of Terminator 3 and this year we got the manipulative duplicity displayed in 2015’s “Ex Machina”.  Please feel free to add your other favorites in the comments, as this is no way near an exhaustive list. 

Got Chi?

Japanese anime, on the other hand, generally portrays artificial women in a light hearted, and romantic way.  One of my favorites is the character Chi from the 2002 anime series and manga titled “Chobits”.  The protagonist, a young male college student named Hideki, finds a female “persocom” unit thrown away in the trash.  Persocoms are male and female androids combining the utility of a computer, a phone, a valet, and a maid. Being too poor to buy a new one, Hideki takes it home and activates it.  The only thing the android will say is “Chi”, but she is otherwise gorgeous with a playful personality filled with child-like innocence.  Hideki then proceeds to teach Chi how to speak Japanese and a host of other things we normally take for granted, in a “His Girl Friday” type of story.  Eventually Chi takes a job working in a bakery.  The story then takes on a romantic tone, with the Hideki falling in love with Chi, and Chi taking delight in simply being with Hideki.  Significantly, Chi asks a recurring question:  “Are you the one for me, and only me?”

Chi, for her part, exhibits a selfless devotion to her new owner, giving him her undivided attention, loyalty, and support.  It is this facet that I find most intriguing, because of what it could mean for humanity’s future.  I’ll explain:

While the question of:  “What do women want?” stumped even the genius of Albert Einstein (true fact), nobody says the same about men.  In fact, everyone knows what men want:  Men want sex; men want someone to cook and clean for them; and men want to feel needed, wanted, esteemed, and loved.  Now go back and re-read what I wrote about Chi.  Chi fulfills what men want to a T.  So what would happen if the Robotics Revolution could actually give men their own Chobit girlfriends like that portrayed in Chi’s character?  A synthetic woman who looked, and smelled, and felt like the real thing, who adores YOU, is totally into YOU, and waits on YOU hand and foot, from dawn to dusk?  A synthetic woman who is interested in what YOU are interested in, likes what YOU like, who’s always happy to do what YOU want to do.  A woman who is always in the mood for sex when you are, never says “no”, never criticizes you, never tells you to take out the trash, never tells you that you don’t have a good enough job, never compares you to another man, and never ignores you in favor of herself, or others.

Could the post-feminist modern woman ever hope to compete with that?  Would she even want to?  Would she reject giving a man such treatment out of hand as beneath her?  Have the women reading this article been instead thinking:  “What about ME, and MY needs?”  Well ladies, guess what?  Chi never thinks that.  What would happen if you had to compete with Chi for a man?

But, you say, isn’t this just a distant dream?  How close are we really to producing Chi in real life?  The answer is:  Closer than you think.  Say hello to Boston Dynamics, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Boston Dynamics is a leading contractor developing robots for DARPA, and Boston Dynamics has leapt over a significant hurdle to producing Chi.  Boston Dynamics has succeeded in developing a whole host of robots of various shapes and sizes that have conquered the problem of walking upright and maintaining their balance.  Boston Dynamics has successfully produced two legged and four legged robots that not only walk, they can RUN.  They can run and turn and track down a target with the speed of a horse.  Robots that can keep their balance walking on ICE, even when they are shoved or kicked in the side!  Check out their demonstration videos and see for yourself at bostondynamics.com.

So robotics is already capable of producing a robot that can walk and run on two legs.  Materials science is proceeding apace, with researchers in Japan leading the way.  The written word really doesn’t do it justice, so check out these videos and judge for yourself:

While not yet life like enough to fool the human eye, the progress is far enough along to make life like androids happening in your lifetime a safe bet.  But what about computer AI?  Can computer science produce a convincing human personality?  In June of 2014 a computer program passed the Turing Test.  The test, created by computer scientist Alan Turing in the 1950’s, is designed to determine if a computer is Artificially Intelligent.  The test works by having the AI questioned via keyboard.  If the computer can fool 30% of the judges in a blind test that they are communicating with a human being instead of a computer, then the computer is determined to be artificially intelligent. 

So, the short answer is that all the major pieces for producing an artificial woman are in place, and that we can expect to see those pieces put together soon.  But, what about a real woman’s ovaries?  Real women will always hold the trump card of being the only game in town when it comes to biological reproduction, right?

Not exactly.  Today the latest undercover sting video released by the Center for Medical Progress against Planned Parenthood revealed that Planned Parenthood is selling “fresh” fetal gonads.  And by “fresh”, she means the tissue is still alive.  In the footage, Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for Planned Parenthood, admits that Planned Parenthood provides buyers with hearts, eyes and “gonads” of unborn babies:  “Certainly, everything we provide–oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we provide is fresh.” Westhoff blurts, as if she’s selling organic produce.  And, in fact, she is.  If Planned Parenthood’s trade in fetal organ parts is not stopped, then some day robotics companies will be able to buy fetal ovaries, to be placed in the artificial uterus of an artificial woman.  Congratulations, women!  Your support for Abortion and “reproductive freedom” may well also destroy your last hold card in the competition for men between real women and synthetic women.  The Robotics Revolution promises to make you as needed by men as a fish needs a bicycle, to paraphrase Gloria Steinem.  You’ve come a long way, Baby!  Pull out a Virginia Slim and smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em!

This is the final dream of MGTOW, allowing men to go their own way apart from women forever.  If it ever comes to pass, then it will be much, much harder for women to find a man to marry.

HERE IS A LIST OF EVERY SINGLE TIME OBAMA COMMITTED AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE THAT DEMS & MEDIA COVERED UP “Impeach!” It’s been more than eight years since Democrats uttered that word – long enough for anyone to wonder if it was still in their vocabulary, considering the deafening silence through the dozens of serious scandals during President Obama’s administration – but now that President Trump is the man in the White House, it’s back with a vengeance. Democrats everywhere are wildly slinging the “I” word, hoping to nail Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors after the New York Times claimed a memo written by former FBI Director James Comey said the president urged him to end the federal investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Some members of Congress are getting in on the action. They include Reps. Maxine Water, D-Calif., and Al Green, D-Texas. Even a Republican, Rep. Justin Amash, claimed Wednesday there are grounds to impeach President Trump. House Oversign Committee Chair Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, asked for the alleged Comey memo and other documents. Chaffetz tweeted that he is prepared to subpoena the information. And Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., invoked “Watergate.” Now the Democratic Party is reportedly poll testing impeachment as a 2018 election issue. More than 1 million people signed a petition calling on Congress to impeach Trump. Wasting no time Wednesday, the mainstream media sprang into action, enthusiastically echoing the left’s impeachment calls. MSNBC launched a Watergate ad implying Trump is America’s new Richard Nixon. “Watergate. We know its name because there were reporters who never stopped asking questions,” says MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who hinted that Trump is next on the impeachment chopping block. “Now, who knows where the questions will take us. But I know this: I’m not going to stop asking them.” Meanwhile, some overzealous members of the left plastered fliers around Washington, D.C., demanding all White House staffers resign Wednesday. The posters read: “If you work for this White House you are complicit in hate-mongering, lies, corrupt taking of Americans’ tax money via self-dealing and emoluments, and quite possibly federal crimes and treason. Also, any wars will be on your soul. … Resign now.” But constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, who voted for President Obama, warned “impeachment” enthusiasts not to get ahead of themselves with President Trump. Why? At this time, there’s no evidence Trump actually committed a crime. “The criminal code demands more than what Comey reportedly describes in his memo,” Turley wrote in a May 17 opinion piece posted at the Hill. Turley explained: For the first time, the Comey memo pushes the litany of controversies surrounding Trump into the scope of the United States criminal code. However, if this is food for obstruction of justice, it is still an awfully thin soup. Some commentators seem to be alleging criminal conduct in office or calling for impeachment before Trump completed the words of his inaugural oath of office. Not surprising, within minutes of the New York Times report, the response was a chorus of breathless “gotcha” announcements. But this memo is neither the Pentagon Papers nor the Watergate tapes. Indeed, it raises as many questions for Comey as it does Trump in terms of the alleged underlying conduct. A good place to start would be with the federal law, specifically 18 U.S.C. 1503. The criminal code demands more than what Comey reportedly describes in his memo. There are dozens of different variations of obstruction charges ranging from threatening witnesses to influencing jurors. None would fit this case. That leaves the omnibus provision on attempts to interfere with the “due administration of justice.” However, that still leaves the need to show that the effort was to influence “corruptly” when Trump could say that he did little but express concern for a longtime associate. The term “corruptly” is actually defined differently under the various obstruction provisions, but it often involves a showing that someone acted “with the intent to secure an unlawful benefit for oneself or another.” Encouraging leniency or advocating for an associate is improper but not necessarily seeking an unlawful benefit for him. . 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