WTF? RNC Delegate Prefers Hillary For President

ELDER PATRIOT - The arrogance of many of the Republican Party’s delegates is alarming. Fundamentally, their job should be to understand the will of the voters of their state or district and show up at the Republican National Convention to vote accordingly. Shut up, vote as you’ve been instructed and enjoy the all expenses paid trip to Cleveland. But too many of them think they have the right impose their view of who should be nominated on the rest of us.

First came Curly Haugland, a National Committeeman from North Dakota who told America that the delegates choose the nominee and not the voters.

Now comes Rina Bharara a delegate from Washington D.C. who says there’s a good chance that she’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.

The fact that two major political parties have seized control of the electoral process and have decided to impose their rather undemocratic rules on the rest of us is both morally bankrupt and intolerable in a representative republic and is lacking of all moral imperative.

Roger Stone came under much criticism for suggesting that these delegates’ names and address be published. The may sound provocative but what other recourse do voters have to ensure that these delegates understand their solemn obligation to the people they lobbied and campaigned to represent? Is it unreasonable that the people of a state or voting district express their concerns and expectations to the delegates that’ll be voting on their behalf?

It is precisely the cavalier attitude of Rina Bharara and delegates like her that worries voters that the process is flawed, if not totally corrupt.

Keep in mind this warning from a past president, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy