Despicable Obama Bragging on His Economy

April 29, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT – here are many things to dislike President Obama about but the fact that he finds it necessary to denigrate the institutions and individuals that served to make America great is perhaps his […]

Fiorina and Cruz – Perfect Together

April 28, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz is desperately trying to salvage his failed bid for the Republican nomination.  So, yesterday he announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate in what can only be described as a […]

Dayko: Heroism Beyond Most Humans’ Comprehension

April 28, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Dayko, a four-year-old Lab, literally worked himself to death saving seven people from the rubble that resulted from a 7.8 magnitude Ecuadorian earthquake. The official cause of death was listed as “massive […]

Cruz’s Campaign Manager Calls For Ted To Drop Out

April 27, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Immediately following the Wisconsin primary Ted Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe appeared for an interview on ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” where he threw down this challenge to Trump, “If he doesn’t get over […]

WHOA!!! Trump Ties Hillary in National Poll

April 26, 2016 0

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump’s ascendancy continues exposing the methodologies and lies that the establishment uses to control us.   Now a new poll released yesterday by George Washington University shows Donald Trump in a […]

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