New Gallup Poll shows most Americans feel China a more powerful economy than the U.S.

There is a reason why Presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are making powerful strides in the 2016 election cycle, and it is something that the mainstream fails to recognize.  And despite all the rhetoric and false data used over and over to tell the American people how good and strong their economy is, average citizens are rejecting this propaganda and making their views known in many different ways.

And one way is in how they are dispelling the pundit’s ‘recovery’ myth as a new Gallup Poll out on Feb. 22 shows that more than half of Americans believe China has a much stronger and powerful economy than the U.S. does.

A majority of Americans believe China is leading the global economy ahead of the United States despite the current economic slowdown, a Gallup poll revealed on Monday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Half of the respondents said they see China as the “world’s leading economic power today,” while 37 percent disagreed, saying the leading global economic power was the United States.

Five percent of the respondents say they consider Japan to be the world’s leading economy.

“Despite the slowdown in China’s economy that is creating global economic turmoil, more Americans continue to believe China is the world’s leading economic power rather than the United States,” Gallup stated. “[M]ore Americans [are] predicting that the US rather than China will be the world’s leading economic power in 20 years.”

Asked who they predicted would be the “world’s leading economic power in 20 years,” 44 percent of the respondents answered the United States, 34 percent said China and 7 percent said Japan. – Sputnik News

Gallup Poll

Chart courtesy of Gallup

No nation is hiding from the ongoing global recession, and China has their own issues that include debt, economic slowdowns, and lowered exports.  However, unlike the U.S., nearly all of China’s debt is internal, and they have used much of their spending over the past seven years modernizing their infrastructure, investing in global businesses and real estate, stockpiling global commodities, and perhaps most importantly, stockpiling tens of thousands of tons of gold.

When wages are in decline, prices are rising, GDP is becoming negative, and you have a massive trade deficit, it is not hard to see why more than half of Americans would believe that China is a far bigger and more powerful economy than the U.S. is.  And when 85% of your economy relies upon consumer and government spending, in reality this is not an economy and simply a debt bubble waiting for a pin.

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