ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It is Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.  So, how is Donald Trump doing in the Presidential race?  Pretty well as measured by the utter panic going on at the staunchly Leftist Huffington Post. 

Yesterday the Huffing & Puffington Post published an article titled “Why Hillary Lost:  A Premature Obit”, penned by Howard Fineman and Lauren Weber.  The article cites nine reasons why the editors at HuffPo think that Hillary is going to lose the election.  This is not really an admission of defeat so much as their unsolicited advice to the Clinton Empire, from Her Royal Cankles all the way down to her lowliest minions, about what the Editorial Board at HuffPo thinks the ‘Rats are doing wrong this election.  With that prism in mind, let’s examine the nine reasons listed:


1 THE MEDIA:  HuffPo doesn’t really say HOW the media is to blame for Hillary losing, and indeed they can’t.  This is actually a Call to Arms to the Dinosaur Media to redouble their efforts in shilling for Hillary and attacking Trump.  CNN has abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity and selectively edited Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton this week to hide damaging admissions from the public while putting words in Donald Trump’s mouth (“racial profiling”) that the candidate never said.  But even with such blatant propagandizing (and perhaps because of it), all of the DemocRats pretending to be journalists out there keep shooting blanks at Trump.  Their viewership has dwindled to less than many YouTube channels.  No one is watching, and no one (6%) trusts anything they have to say anymore.  So, yes the Media is to blame for Hillary’s loss insofar as they have destroyed their own effectiveness by being such blatant shills.


2 THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING:  This repeats the DemocRat manufactured myth that it is the Russians who are behind the email leaks from Hillary’s server.  This is really an admission that 1) the ‘Rat attempt to deflect attention away from the content of Hillary’s emails to the Russians has failed and 2) the content of Hillary’s emails offers conclusive proof that she sold State Department policy for cash to the Clinton Foundation.  This is reprehensible criminal conduct that is also treasonous, and it is percolating down to the Low Information Voters.  Blaming the leakers (who are probably actually anti-Clinton whistle blowers in our own government) is like a criminal blaming the cops for being arrested.  You want to know where the actual blame lies, Hillary?  Look in the mirror.


3 MILLENNIALS:  HuffPo correctly notes that Hillary is bombing out with Millenials.  HuffPo incorrectly assigns this to the Millenials being “too idealistic”.  Translation:  We can’t get this generation to give the Clinton’s a pass on their criminality like we did with the Boomers in the 1990’s.  It’s not idealism that is the problem.  The ‘Rats thought that the Millenials, who are addicted to Social Media run by ‘Rat allies like Comrade Mark Zuckerberg at Faceboot, would be the most easily manipulated generation to come along in a thousand years.  A generation that would think exactly what they were told to think by the Media Masters at Faceboot and Twitter.  It didn’t work out that way.  Turns out the economic depression of Obamanomics has forced a clarity of mind that the ‘Rats didn’t count on.  Trump promises a paycheck instead of a handout, and social freedom instead of social conformity.  Hillary represents The Past, and the Boomer Generation that sucked up all the job opportunities from succeeding generations.


4 BERNIE SANDERS:  HuffPo says that Bernie should have withdrawn from the Primary sooner.  Yes, sooner that ACTUALLY WINNING THE PRIMARY and forcing the ‘Rat Party apparatus to have to steal the primary election from him, and then get caught doing it when secret DNC emails got dumped to the public.  Talk about your Inconvenient Truth!


5 BILL CLINTON:  HuffPo correctly notes that Bill Clinton has lost his edge and isn’t the campaigner he used to be, especially with younger voters.  Gee, might that be because Bill Clinton is the father of the Modern Rape Culture, and Hillary was his Chief Enabler?


6 SEXISTS:  When Leftists have nothing else to blame, they look to the Basket of Deplorables.  HuffPo chooses the Glass Ceiling to blame for Hillary losing.  I choose to believe that “Vote For Me, I Have a Vagina!” isn’t a compelling reason to promote a sick candidate with a decades long record of policy failures to Commander in Chief.


7 OBAMA PEOPLE:  HuffPo timidly refers to the sniping emails of David Axlerod, but  “Obama People” is code for America’s black voters.  Hillary is in grave danger of losing an historic share of the black vote this election cycle.  Whereas Obama garnered over 96%, Hillary is in danger of ceding 20-30% of the black vote to Donald Trump.  Trump has bravely waded into Democ’Rat urban bastions and preached a message of economic renewal and hope.  After decades of the DemocRats delivering nothing but poverty and crime, Trump asks:  “What do you have to lose?”  Obama has rushed out onto the campaign trail to plead with black voters that they vote DemocRat and “do it for me.”  Because it’s always about Obama in Obamaworld.  What HuffPo is really saying between the lines is that Hillary’s playing of the Race Card, for the first time in living memory, isn’t keeping black voters on the DemocRat Plantation.

Comey (1)

8 JAMES COMEY:  HuffPo bemoans that FBI Director James Comey virtually indicted Hillary Clinton over her illegal email server in the Court of Public Opinion.  And so he did.  But this is, again, like the Criminal blaming the Police for being sent to jail instead of blaming themselves for breaking the law in the first place.  The fact that Hillary isn’t being prosecuted for criminally mishandling state secrets (and influence pedaling to foreign powers) speaks volumes about how thoroughly the Clinton Crime Family has corrupted all of the institutions of power in Washington, D.C.  Any other candidate would have been forced out of the race if they had committed even one tenth of Clinton’s serial crimes.

deb shultz

9 DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ AND THE DNC:  She of the Angry Perm is rightly pointed out by HuffPo as running the DemocRat Primary like the Soviet Communist Party.  But the ‘Rats have been run like a Soviet Central Committee for decades with their system of Super Delegates.  What was different this year was the leaked DNC emails that confirmed the perfidy of the ‘Rat Party in stealing the primary for Hillary and disillusioning half of their voter base.  Even today, you’ll see far more Bernie Sanders bumper stickers than those for Hillary.  Debbie Blabbermouth’s biggest sin was not cheating, but getting caught.


Conspicuous by their absence from HuffPo’s list are three really big reasons why Hillary is losing.  Immigration, Globalism, and Hillary’s health.  The DemocRats are in the process of committing a Great Treason against America:  Engineered Population Replacement.  Obama has orchestrated the importation and smuggling of 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America.  He has stood down the Border Patrol and has had them complete the smuggling process.  This is being done for the purposes of disenfranchising the American vote with illegal voting.  Simultaneously, Obama is shipping in as many unvetted Muslims from places like Syria and Somali as fast as he can.  A high percentage are ISIS jihadists, and they are being brought here to sow chaos and give Obama an excuse for Martial Law.  Hillary is campaigning on continuing and expanding on these policies.

Hillary is also the Poster Girl for Globalism.  If Donald Trump doesn’t win the next election, the elites will pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is NAFTA for the entire Pacific Rim.  Jobs and wealth will pour out of America at an even greater rate.  Voters are waking up, and realizing that Trump offers Hope and a Future for American voters and their children.  Hillary represents DEATH.  The death of Hope and the death of any future for American voters or their children, not just in economic terms, but in demographic, cultural, and even physical (terrorism) terms.  Globalism means the death of American sovereignty, and Islam means the death of the Bill of Rights.

Lastly, there is Hillary’s poor health.  No one wants to vote to put a candidate in the Oval Office who has one foot in the grave.

Trump 2016 (2)

Choose Life.  Choose Hope.  Vote Trump 2016.