ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - ISIS has taken credit for a bombing attack in the Chelsea section of Manhattan over the weekend.  An explosive IED device was placed in a garbage dumpster.  The IED is consistent in design with those used in Iraq and Syria.  At least 29 persons were injured in the attack. 

Simultaneously, another IED was discovered just before a U.S. Marine Corps sponsored 5k run was about to begin in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, causing that event to be cancelled.

Not content with their media attention in the New York tri-state area, ISIS also took out a major “ad buy” in the Midwest media market of Minnesota.  At least eight people have been taken to hospital after a stabbing rampage at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in Saint Cloud, Minnesota by a Muslim Jihadi wielding a knife and shouting “Allu Ackbar!”

The attacker was wearing a private security uniform when he struck, stabbing eight different people before being shot dead by an off-duty officer, authorities said.  The Jihadi attacker asked if his victims were Muslim before stabbing them.  It is not known if the Jihadi was a real employee of a security firm, or simply appropriated the uniform as a disguise.  ISIS has taken credit for the attack, calling the attacker one of their “Muslim Soldiers”.

The ISIS bombing of Chelsea, NY is guaranteed to dominate the next week’s news cycle, assuming Hillary doesn’t have another collapse on the campaign trail.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that voters hunkered down and scared of being bombed are going to vote for the candidate who wants to crack down on illegal immigration and screen out Muslim Jihadis trying to sneak into the U.S.  Meanwhile, Obama/Clinton keep telling voters how much they want to greet those same types of people at our borders with a big hug and open arms.

If ISIS were smart, they’d be laying low and not be giving any ammunition to conservatives to attack Hillary Clinton’s insane open borders immigration policy.  But ISIS is more blood thirsty than smart.  While the Saudis and the CIA may have created and funded ISIS, they do not control it.  It is a dangerous, wild beast that may very well end up devouring (politically) the persons and governments that created it.

A heavily sedated looking Hillary Clinton referred to being briefed about the “New York bombings” in front of her lap dog press pool.  Seconds later she condemned Donald Trump for referring to the attack as a “bombing”.  Well, we already knew her memory is at Alzheimer levels of failure from her FBI interviews.  But this seems to be a new low for memory failure, even for her.

This constitutes a major “media ad buy” by ISIS that will have the effect of promoting Donald J. Trump’s sensible immigration policies:  Stop Muslim immigration until effective vetting can be done, enforce the borders, and build a wall to stop illegal immigration.  Bombings committed by ISIS in Europe were already influencing the U.S. presidential election in favor of Trump.  Each domestic bombing by ISIS here in the United States will magnify that influence exponentially.  Look for Donald Trump to break 50% in the polls this week.  Trump has increased his lead in the LA Times Daily Tracking Poll to 7 points.  Friday he was at 6 points ahead.  Since Hillary’s 9/11 collapse, Trump has been averaging a 1 point gain per day in the LA Times Tracking Poll.  Remember, this is even with the poll over-sampling Democrats.