In response to her public physical collapse in New York on Sunday, the Clinton campaign now says she has had pneumonia since Friday.  Really?  Sounds like another lie to me.

Are we really supposed to believe that Hillary intentionally exposed her staff, aides, and some top DemocRat donors and office holders to a highly communicable disease like pneumonia?  Or when they staged her walking out of Chelsea’s apartment and she hugged that little girl in a stage managed moment?  “Gee, thanks old lady, for breathing your pneumonia germs on me!”

Not that Hillary isn’t that self-centered.  She is.  She is a psychopath who would willingly sacrifice untold numbers of people if she thought it would advance her agenda.  See, Exhibit “A”, four dead in Benghazi.

No, pneumonia is a public relations plea bargain.  Don’t admit to serious neurological diseases, so she cops instead to the curable, and non-terminal, pneumonia.  How convenient.  But the Secret Service committed a serious breach in security protocol to get Clinton out of that 9/11 Memorial Service.  It is a cardinal sin to ever, EVER, have a VIP standing around waiting at the curb for a ride.  It is NEVER done.  The VIP is not moved until the transportation is already in place.  You never leave the VIP like a sitting duck waiting on a van to arrive. 

What kind of medical emergency causes the Secret Service to breach security protocol like that?  Not pneumonia.  And last time I checked, a diazepam pen is not used to treat pneumonia, either.  So why does that big, black, bald guy, the Hillary Whisperer, carry one all the time around her?  As usual, the Clinton Campaign insults our intelligence with bad lies that a 2nd Grader would be embarrassed to use.

What magic goes on in Chelsea’s apartment that she can cure pneumonia after 90 minutes and a bit of air conditioning?  Why didn’t she go to a hospital?  Optics, of course!  Members of the public getting knowledge of her actual medical condition, of course!

Hillary had to get out of the Memorial so fast, her aides didn’t have time to get her transportation set up ahead of time.  It was obviously a medical emergency.  While I’m not a doctor, I never heard of pneumonia locking up your motor control over your legs like we saw with Hillary trying to get into her van.  That’s not merely being “overheated”, which, by the way, was the first lie we were given as an excuse.

If she made such a complete recovery in Chelsea’s apartment, then why did she cancel her fund raising trip to California?  You know it must be a near death moment for a Clinton to miss the opportunity to hoover up tens of thousands of dollars from stupid DemocRat donors.

While sites like the New York Daily News, and PMSNBC soldier on regurgitating whatever talking point lies the Clinton campaign emails over to their news rooms, at least one staunch DemocRat ally has been turned on this issue.  Chris Cilliza of the Washington Post issued an apology to “Alt Right Conspiracy Theorists” and acknowledged that Clinton’s health is now a legitimate campaign issue.  Gee, it only took a prostrate Hillary, laying down in the street shoeless, to force this concession!

On cue, some of the Palace Guard Media, Morning Joe Stalin, I believe, came out with the preposterous notion that a candidate’s health “doesn’t matter”.  You know, just like the President’s sex life is nobody’s business, either.  At least when we are talking about serious flawed and defective DemocRat candidates.  When it is somebody like John McCain (who, by the way, looked like a Goa’uld from Star Gate SG1 when the camera panned on him during the Patriots vs. Cardinals game Sunday night) then the press will go into high dungeon on the public’s right to know.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, or so said Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

Wake Up, America!  Don’t fall for another Clinton Con Job.  Don’t vote for a terminally ill woman for President.