Obama is No Friend of Israel

ELDER PATRIOT - According to news reports, President Obama received “thunderous applause” while addressing the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C.  The president claimed, “…the people of Israel must always know, America has its back and America will always have its back.  No U.S. president, no administration, has done more to ensure that Israel can protect itself than this one.”

If Obama did receive “thunderous applause” from the congregation it would only prove, once again, the self-destructive tendencies of the Jewish people, because his claim of backing Israel is ludicrous on its face.

Whether making the Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu enter the White House through the service entrance, wait over an hour to greet the PM, or funneling money to the opposition candidate in the recent Israeli elections, it is clear that President Obama is no friend of the current Israeli PM.
In a blatant act of political defiance, Obama declassified the top-secret Department of Defense report outlining Israel’s nuclear weapons program.  The full 386 pages, titled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel And NATO Nations,” details Israel’s advanced military technologies and nuclear infrastructure.  All similar information on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO nations was redacted.

By publicly acknowledging Israel’s nuclear weapons capabilities, Obama has opened the door for a regional nuclear arms race.  Coupled with the President’s decision to allow Iran to complete the development of their nuclear weapons program this cannot be interpreted as “ensuring that Israel can protect itself.”

Only fools would interpret Obama’s policies as protective of Israel.

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