Shock Poll: Arizona Preparing To Give John McCain The Boot!!!

ELDER PATRIOT - In another example of the rank and file’s rejection of establishment Republicans John McCain is in danger of losing the senate seat he’s held since 1987.  McCain has only himself to blame.


Republicans like to blame shifting demographics for their losses but that simply is not the case here.


Arizona has voted for the Republican presidential nominee in nine of the last ten elections with only Bill Clinton’s re-election in 1996 breaking that streak.  Balanced budgets and peace have that effect on the electorate.


Registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats by 17%.


And, yet the most recent poll conducted by Behavior Research Center shows John McCain locked in a death struggle for the senate seat he’s held for 29 years.  His most likely opponent, should he survive his party’s nominating process, will be Ann Kirkpatrick.  The BRC poll shows them in a dead heat with each garnering 42% support from likely voters.


McCain is in serious trouble.  For Republicans to command such strong structural control in the state coupled with McCain’s poll numbers does not bode well for the five term incumbent.


Watch for the Republican Party to blame his loss, if he loses, on Donald Trump as evidence of the damage they “knew” Trump would inflict on the party.  The fact that Trump was the highest vote getter from either party in the recent Arizona primaries won’t factor into their thinking.


Frankly, jettisoning McCain from the senate is long overdue.  His voice for globalism represented everyone except the people of Arizona who elected him.