VIA| Haven Dockins has been through a lot so far in her young life. She has been in foster care for a total of ten years, bouncing between homes and feeling completely out of place, no matter the location or family.

But everything changed when the 16-year-old was finally welcomed into her newest home, and the one that would prove to be her home forever thanks to a Christmas wish that finally, miraculously came true after over a decade.

While many children in the foster care system won’t admit it, what they want most of all is to be accepted by a family as one of their own. Being orphaned leaves you feeling empty, unloved and possibly even not worthy of love – but thankfully it just takes one nice foster home to turn all of that around.

Haven had never felt as comfortable as she did with her newest family, which is no surprise – they had 5 adopted kids already by the time she got there. As Christmas came near, Haven was asked what she would like as a gift – but for this young girl, the only thing she reallywanted was a family.

This Christmas she finally got her wish! Her foster parents held her and their 5 adopted kids out of school for a day, instead heading off to family court. Court is such a familiar sight to a foster child, so this was not out of the ordinary for Haven.

Once there, the reality finally sets in for this promising young woman once the judge tells her that the new foster family wants to keep her around forever! Minutes after the official approval of both parties, Haven finally has a family to call her own.

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