ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - There is a perfect storm of social, political, and technological trends converging that will make it very hard for women to find men to marry.  In Part One, we discussed the social trend of the men’s MGTOW movement, and why increasing numbers of young men are refusing to get married.  In Part Two, we will examine the Radical Feminist movement, and how this political trend is irrationally demonizing men.  I know that for many readers, “politics is boring”.  But if politics is going to change your life to the point where you can’t find a man to marry, shouldn’t you be the least bit curious about what is going on?

Men are feeling persecuted today, with good reason.  Consider this recent headline:  “Prominent United Kingdom Feminist and Journalist Julie Bindel Has Openly Called for Putting All Men in Concentration Camps and Eradicating Heterosexuality.”  Bindel is not a fringe kook nobody.  Bindel writes for the largest and most influential newspapers in the United Kingdom.  She has written 160 articles for The Guardian newspaper alone (one of those articles was, incidentally, entitled “Why I Hate Men”).  Bindel also appears on BBC television shows on a regular basis.

In a recent interview, Bindel opined:  “I mean, I would actually put them (all men) in some kind of camp….I would give them a choice of vehicles to drive around with, give them no porn, they wouldn’t be able to fight—we would have wardens, of course!  Women who want to see their sons or male loved ones would be able to go and visit, or take them out like a library book, and then bring them back.”  Tell me again, please, about how Feminism isn’t really about hatred of men?  Bindel also says in the interview that:  “I hope heterosexuality doesn’t survive, actually.”  The implication here is that Bindel would see women turn to each other, or dildoes, for sexual gratification (not a surprising viewpoint for a Lesbian) while milking men for sperm in order to propagate the species.  Since her vision already has men being kept behind barbed wire fences like so much cattle anyway, this final indignity is trivial by comparison.  Bindel further states:  “I would love to see a women’s liberation that results in women turning away from men and saying:  When you come back as human beings, then we might look again.”  This is emblematic of the Feminist Movement’s dehumanizing of men, and their criminalization of male sexuality and male behavior.  It is from this anti-male cultural milieu that calls have arisen for curfews to be imposed on men, that men be disarmed and deprived of their right to keep and bear arms, calls for segregated public transportation (in the U.K.), actual laws against “manspreading” on the public transportation of New York City, and which led Goshen College to declare that “all male students who stare at women are rapists”. 

Also coming courtesy of the United Kingdom was the recent news story of a middle aged Solicitor who was called out and nationally shamed for telling a female colleague on Linked In that her photo was “stunning”.  It was later discovered that this same woman, who was so offended by a man telling her that her Linked In photo was “stunning”, turns out to have called the photos of other, younger men on Linked In “hot”.  Such new one-way social rules are leaving men stunned and confused over how to interact with women.

But the criminalization of male sexuality starts earlier and earlier in the lives of boys.  Consider the story out of Pikesville, Maryland two days past which recounted how a 13 year old boy is being charged with 2nd degree assault after he kissed a 14 year old girl on a dare.  Further, questions of suspension or even expulsion from the school are still pending.  Now, I’m not arguing in favor of women being subjected to unwanted kissing, but this should have been handled as a purely disciplinary action for the school to take.  Criminalizing such male rites of passage is only going to produce a generation of young men who have the equivalent of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when it comes to dealing with women.  It is guaranteed that a criminal assault record will leave this poor, unfortunate Maryland boy with serious emotional stress issues that could leave him an emotional cripple when it comes to interacting with women as an adult.

The worst of the anti-male assaults occur on college campuses, and it is being instigated from the very top of government halls of power.  Congressional Representative Jared Polis, Democrat of Colorado, is urging colleges to change the way they review cases of sexual assault on campus.  Specifically, he is urging colleges to replace the standard criminal standard of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” with a much watered down “Reasonable Likelihood” standard.  So, if there are 10 men accused of sexual assault, and there is a reasonable likelihood that one or two of the ten are guilty, Polis is urging that colleges expel all 10 accused “in the interests of campus safety”.  Men are justified to feel persecuted when a political campaign to strip them of their due process rights is being orchestrated at the highest levels of government and education.

This follows the Department of Education change of 2011, which set up a “Preponderance of the Evidence” standard for colleges to follow when investigating claims of sexual assault and rape.  In its usual heavy handed way, the Department of Education is threatening to withhold education aid to any school that doesn’t agree to strip male defendants of their constitutional rights to a hearing that uses a “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” criminal standard.  As a result, false allegations are rife, and the dating scene on American college campuses has become a bizarre mix of libertine “hook up” culture combined with Puritan witch trials.  It is a minefield for young collegiate men to navigate, where one misstep with a woman can literally ruin your life!  Once expelled on grounds of sexual assault or a rape charge, a man has the equivalent of a Scarlet Letter branded on him for life.  No other institution will accept him.  He is black balled for life from getting a college degree.

Why should you care about this if you are a young woman?  A number of reasons.  Women typically seek a man to marry that is financially doing even better than herself.  The natural inclination for women is to “trade up” economically when selecting a mate.  For the college educated woman, trading up means finding a man who is at least as well educated as herself (with the earning potential that implies).  But men are dropping out of the college scene these days in droves.  The imbalance has already reached nearly a 60/40 split in college attendance in favor of women over men.  So the pool of college educated men is shrinking.  One of those reasons is the heavy handed treatment of male students with regard to alleged sexual crimes, and the trend for colleges to define “rape” in an increasingly elastic, Orwellian way, to the point where a “stare” is defined as “rape”.  These cult-like atmospheres on college campuses are driving men away, or making them so wary and gun shy of interacting with women that there is a chilling effect on courtship altogether.  Certainly, the savvy male collegian would decide to avoid the high risk activity of dating other college women altogether.  This puts the college woman at a competitive disadvantage in attracting a college man over other women not in college who do not hold a career killing power over the college man, and are therefore less risky to date.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.  Embrace Feminist values that criminalize male behavior, and watch men slip away through your fingers.  Every woman who “gets away with” making a false date rape allegation has removed another man from the marriage pool, and has created a measure of distrust between you and all men.  This is not creating a woman hating culture among college men, it is creating a woman phobic culture among college men.  A culture that trains men to be afraid of interacting with women is a culture at war with women who wish to find men to marry.  The more that culture becomes ingrained, the harder it will become for women to find a man to marry.

The Cultural Marxist attacks on men discussed above are fueling the MGTOW movement discussed in Part One.  In Part Three, we will discuss the Technological Trend which both threatens to drastically reduce the pool of marriageable men, and which the MGTOW Movement hopes will be the ultimate counter-measure to radical feminism and its anti-male political agenda.  Prepare for the Rise of the Robots!