You Can’t Tell The Difference Between Political Parties And Crime Families

ELDER PATRIOT - Last night results from Wisconsin proved that the political machine is alive and well. Political machines have thrived over the years because of their ability to control the distribution of government benefits to their constituents.

This is accomplished by taking from law-abiding citizens and “redistributing” a portion to other law-abiding citizens while skimming a significant share for their friends and themselves. This is similar to the way that crime families operate.

This structure is strikingly similar to those used by organized crime families where the Capos serve as ward bosses and the street soldiers do the work of precinct captains.

It’s a simple and effective alignment that is based on the principle that people resist change. The system is only challenged when the “Boss” becomes so highly unpopular that the street soldiers or precinct captains can no longer control the peoples’ anger and a change becomes necessary in order to maintain control over the people. When this happens outsiders are not invited to apply for the vacant leadership position.

The mafia requires you to have come up through the ranks and to be a “Made Man” in order to ascend to leadership. This includes following the requirement for a Made Man to follow certain rules:

Be loyal to other members of the organization in every instance. Do not be an informer and do not interfere with the business of other Made Men.
Be a member of the team. Be rational and know your place.
Beyond your illegal activities you must be a man of honor. Don’t be caught committing adultery or cheating business partners. You must appear above board at all times and to all people.
Be a stand-up guy. Keep your mouth shut about the working of the organization and take your punishment without throwing others under the bus.
Have class. Know your way around. Dress like an important person. Keep yourself properly manicured. Look the part and you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with being a Made Man.

If this sounds a lot like the way political parties operate that’s because it is exactly how political parties operate.

By virtually every American standard Donald Trump is a Made Man, except to the Republican Party’s establishment. That is not the case with them because he hasn’t participated in any of their illegal activities. Because of this they cannot trust him. To them allowing Donald Trump to be the head of their party would be tantamount to the Gambino crime family appointing Rudy Giuliani to be their Don.

The video below explains everything about being a Made Man: