ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Round Two of the Presidential Debates will take place this Sunday, October 9th 2016.  Losses of viewership to NFL football should be minimal, now that the NFL is hemorrhaging viewers disgusted by millionaire black athletes disrespecting our National Anthem and Flag.  Yes, because a nation that pours billions of salary dollars on black athletes every year obviously oppresses black people.  But I digress. 

Here now is my list of top 10 issues that Trump should hit Clinton with at the next debate.  I don’t care what the actual, when-did-you-stop-beating-Melania type questions CIA Intelligence Officer Anderson Cooper comes up with (or should I say the Clinton campaign comes up with in collusion with the Palace Guard Media).  It’s time to take the gloves off, Donald.  Smack the smirk off Hillary’s face by exposing these scandals:

1) The Clinton Foundation raised billions for Relief for Haiti.  They only gave the Haitians 4.2% of the money and kept the rest in their rat’s nest.  Some of it is used to fly the Clintons in style everywhere they go, some is being laundered to pay Hillary’s campaign staff, and some of it went to buy Chelsea a million dollar wedding and a $10 million dollar Manhattan high rise condo.  The Haitians just got hit by Hurricane Matthew.  Time to expose what lying scumbag cheats the Clintons are.  Bring it up, Donald, whenever Hillary or Anderson Cooper tries to impugn your honesty.

2) Obama/Clinton are risking World War 3 to further the Saudi’s oil business.  Did you know that the absolute morons running the White House demanded the Pentagon to set up a No-Fly Zone over Syria, even though that would mean war with Russia?  The Saudis want to cut into Russia’s oil business in Europe, but would need to run a pipeline through Syria to do so.  The CIA and Saudi Intelligence created ISIS as a proxy army to overthrow Assad of Syria to make that happen.  George Soros engineered a coup in the Ukraine to shut off Russian oil pipelines that go to Europe.  Obama/Clinton created a NATO boycott of Russian oil.  What does America have to gain for this risk of nuclear war?  Not a damn thing.  Will it create jobs for America’s 95 million unemployed?  Not a chance.  But the Clintons have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis, and they now do what is best for Saudi Arabia, not the United States.

3) #BlackLivesMatter is a domestic terrorist organization funded by George Soros that kills police and stages riots with arson and looting, and hate crimes against white people.  They are the terror street army of the DemocRat Party, in the same way that the KKK used to be.  They are carrying out the orders of George Soros to help Hillary Clinton in states where her support among black voters is waning.

4) Twenty percent of Hillary’s campaign has been illegally funded by the Saudi Arabian government, a government that still allows chattel slavery and treats women as 3rd class citizens.  Hillary took the money of these misogynists and now acts as their undeclared lobbyist.  When she wasn’t being funded by men who mutilate women’s genitalia, she was persecuting and bullying Bill’s rape victims.  She is a traitor to women’s rights. 

5) Hillary WROTE the TPP, and it will not only ship more American jobs overseas, hollow out American manufacturing, and increase our trade deficits, it will even sanction slave labor in China and Vietnam.  Hillary will destroy the American middle class, by making them have to compete for wages with overseas slave labor.

6) Hillary will never build a wall, enforce the borders, or stop illegal immigration into the United States.  Instead, she will increase the importation of Muslim terrorists into the country, accept refugee quotas mandated by the United Nations, and cede the vetting process to the U.N. as well.  The politician most admired by Hillary Clinton is Angela Merkel, and she will do for the United States what Merkel has done to Germany.

7) Hillary put the State Department up for sale when she was Secretary of State.  Her e-mail scandal shows that she traded policy decisions for cash paid to the Clinton Foundation, which operated as her personal money laundering machine.  Hillary accepted money from the Chinese government and is their undeclared paid agent where she has put Chinese interests over U.S. interests.