Black & White – The REAL Clash of Cultures That Threatens America

ELDER PATRIOT - The war against radical Islam is good for the race baiters who pass for leaders in the Black community.  Not the actual combat of course but rather the attention that is given to the clash of cultures that exists between our Judeo-Christian values and Islamic fundamentalism because it has minified the examination of Black culture that we all must someday engage in if Blacks are to ever abandon their reliance on the victimhood card and lift themselves up, as only they can do.

Required disclaimer:  Many Blacks have done exactly that and they deserve special kudos for rejecting the easy path that using readymade excuses provide. 

Within the Black community there exists incredible diversity in success levels.  The fact that our president is Black and that a Black candidate, who is a respected neurosurgeon, is currently polling second to the phenomena of Donald Trump puts the lie to the complaint that there is any ceiling on Black accomplishment.

But what about those within the Black community that do choose to consider themselves victims?  While too many within every ethnic community choose victimhood and anger over good old-fashioned hard work and the self-esteem that accompanies it, the percentage within the Black community is significantly higher, their excuses having been fueled by Black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al.

Successful athletes come to learn very early that there are no excuses.  Perform or perish.  Successful coaches understand that the line between winning and losing is so thin that there is no room for eliminating anyone from their team because of the color of their skin.  Ultimately the success of the team requires everyone “buying” into a singular culture, the culture of success.  American businessmen understand this, as well.  When Blacks bring the baggage of victimhood, anger and entitlement with them to the workplace they do not help themselves.  Simply screaming racism when a company’s ethnic make-up doesn’t meet some artificial quota purposely ignores this fact.

The fact that Blacks vote over 90% to perpetuate this culture of defeatism only shows how deeply ingrained in their psyche belief in this failed culture actually is.  Even highly successful Blacks cannot see how Black leadership has itself imposed a psychological ceiling on Black ascendancy.

The latest front that the Secular-Left has opened to perpetuate this thinking is called “White privilege.”  One of its intents is to circumvent the rising realization among taxpayers that no matter how much the federal government steals from them to ostensibly “help” those who have refused to participate in their own success, the only result is everyone’s situation worsens.

White privilege is a myth.  Worse, it diminishes centuries of hard work, sacrifice and accomplishment of an entire race.  More than any other underlying reason, White success has been a product of maintaining the structure of the nuclear family and working to improve its plight in accordance with their Judeo-Christian beliefs. 

Daniel Patrick Moynihan who eventually became a Democratic senator from New York was researching statistics of black male unemployment and welfare enrollment from 1962 when he discovered the correlation making it clear that black poverty in America was a result of the lack of a nuclear family.

Writing for the Black conservative think tank Project 21’s Jerome Hudson said: “Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty produced a reality that is horrifyingly different than the one he probably hoped for. Instead of providing a mere safety net for families in need, it effectively replaced the virtues of work and self-reliance with an avalanche of welfare programs nurturing the poor. These welfare programs foster defeatism, disincentivize two-parent homes and set ablaze an American underclass now seemingly trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty.”

Whether this is by design or not is up for debate.  The facts are irrefutable, however:

In NJ where inner city schools spend in excess of $30,000 per student, graduation rates and test results are abysmal.  Compare this to private schools like Princeton Day School where tuition costs a similar amount and the graduation rate is at or close to 100%.  PDS graduates populate the finest colleges in America.  The difference is functional two-parent households and involved parenting. 

Project 21’s Christopher Arps wrote; “Roughly 75 percent of black children were born to a married two-parent family when the ‘war’ began in 1964. By 2008, the percentage of black babies born out of wedlock numbered over 72 percent. Today, the rate of unwed motherhood in the black community is more than twice as high as among whites — and almost three times higher than before big government’s grand intervention. And all this comes at a steep financial cost. The federal government has spent an estimated $15 trillion dollars to end poverty. Government reportedly spent $20,610 on every poor individual and $61,830 per poor family in 2012.”

Virtually our entire national debt is attributable to the noble (perhaps,) but ill-founded Welfare system that has only made the Black condition worse while running up a level of debt that is beyond irresponsible.  And all the while, Blacks overwhelmingly place their trust in the Democratic Party that blocks the implementation of vouchers for school children that desperately needs them to escape our failing public school systems.

Horace Cooper, Project 21’s Co-Chairman summed it up perfectly; “Fifty years ago, America began the War on Poverty.  Having spent trillions with little to show for it, it’s clearly time to declare a cease-fire. After destroying generations of blacks and all but destroying the black family in total, it is time to try empowerment and personal responsibility.”

Instead, we continue to embrace idiocy such as the harmful concept of White privilege that is nothing more than another attempt to further weaken our national resolve that personal accomplishment by citizens of every color is an individual pursuit that is open to all. 

Multiculturalism may, or may not prove be a good thing but that doesn’t mean that every culture is equally good and that every culture serves to benefit our collective society.  Until the majority of people once again embrace the critical thinking skills that they stupidly rejected in favor of political correctness (that was only intended to stifle debate) Americans will continue to fall prey to the binds of the snake oil salesmen dressed as community leaders and politicians.

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