ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - To quote Nigel Farage of the U.K. Independence Party, June 23, 2016 will go down in history as Great Britain’s Independence Day.  Unless you were under a rock, you heard that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.  What you may not have heard is that it was actually England and Wales that voted to leave the EU.  The BREXIT vote exposed deep regional fault lines in Great Britain, with Scotland and Northern Ireland (and the capital of London) voting overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

Unfortunately for the political preferences of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the greater population of England and Wales prevailed, with the final vote being 52% voting to Leave, and 48% voting to Remain.

Why did a majority vote to leave?  It basically came down to two things:  Sovereignty and Immigration.  The European Union has metastasized from an economic trading bloc with reduced internal tariffs (the European Economic Community) into a Political Union.  The EU is a political entity with the openly admitted goal of becoming a “United States of Europe”.  It has its own flag, its own anthem, its own currency (the Euro), its own courts, its own taxes, its own foreign policy, and is now in the process of creating its own military.  While a “United States of Europe” may sound nice, the EU has NO democracy.  The EU Parliament is merely Ceremonial.  The real power lies in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, drawn mostly from the ranks of European Central Banks and large corporations.  The subject populations have no way to remove these bureaucrats, or to appeal or reverse their decisions.  In a further step backwards to the days of Feudalism, the EU bureaucrats have diplomatic immunity from member states’ laws, and made themselves exempt from taxation.  They have become virtual royalty.

In addition to a flag and an anthem, the EU has a large and pervasive regulatory system—for virtually everything, and member nations have no say in it and the EU has been singularly unresponsive to member states that ask for exemptions or accommodations.  Examples of the heavy handedness of EU regulations are legion, such as those regulations wiping out of existence the British Fishing Industry. 

Then there were the political diktats from Brussels that had nothing to do with economics, such as the controversial decision by Brussels to fling open the borders of the EU to massive Muslim migration, and the command that each member state accept a specified quota (a very large one at that) of Muslim “refugees”.   That term proved to be a lie for the most part, as the “Syrian Refugees” turned out to be neither from Syria nor refugees, but merely economic migrants looking to go North and get on the dole of the most generous welfare systems in Europe—notably the U.K., Germany, and Sweden.  It didn’t help when these Muslim migrants turned out to have a penchant for rape and retained an imperialist attitude towards their hosts, openly promising to “breed out of existence” the European genome and establish a Muslim Caliphate in Europe.

Even so, it is rather remarkable that the vote was so close.  Scotland voted to remain, because it sees the EU as a way to get out from under British domination, even it is rather dubiously trading one tyrant for an even worse one in Brussels.  Much the same thing can be said for Northern Ireland, where the emotion of being able to say they answered to Brussels and not London was an irresistible appeal.

Even so, for the majority, the loss of control over things like immigration coupled with Brussels’ suicidal importation of millions of hostile Muslims hammered home what a loss of national sovereignty really means in a way that no other issue could.  Cultural self-preservation won the day.

It is also remarkable that such a close result would be allowed to happen in the first place by an Elite that controls all the institutions of power.  Had a vote this close happened in the electorally corrupt United States, the result would have been the opposite after some aggressive ballot stuffing and “loss” of inconvenient votes from the opposing side.  Just ask Bernie Sanders supporters how that works over here.  So at least we know that the British voting system still has integrity.

The aftermath of the vote has revealed the most vile, and malevolent verbal and physical abuse by the loser Remain bloc against the winners imaginable.  The Remainers are, to put it succinctly, those type of Leftists who are for Social Justice, intolerance, globalism, and BIG, BIG government.  We all know this type here in the U.S. as well, and the reaction of the Remainers has been typical:  Call those who voted to leave a bunch of racists, a bunch of old people who need to die off faster, and they want a do-over vote.  And they will keep demanding another vote until they get the result they want.

Already a petition being circulated for another vote has 3 million signatures, although at least 25,000 of those votes have originated from North Korea (figures) and many of the so-called signatures are in auto script.  But don’t let a thing like cheating stop you when the ends always justify the means, right?

Two big winners from the BREXIT vote are Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.  Nigel Farage of UKIP was the big winner domestically in the U.K. vote, and you can expect that he and his party will figure prominently in the next elections.  Trump supported the Leave vote, and he is campaigning on the same issues of sovereignty and self-determination that carried the day in the BREXIT vote.   The reverse is also true:  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are big losers on BREXIT.  Obama campaigned for the Remain vote, and is a standard bearer for Globalism, One World Government and the extinction of nationalism and the nation state.  That is what the Trans Pacific Partnership is all about, putting the U.S. under the same kind of regulatory framework run by foreigners in a distant part of the world, over-ruling local laws and even our Constitution.  Ditto for Hillary, who is the poster girl for Globalism.  If Globalism won’t win in the U.K., it has even less chance of winning in America.

Finally, we can look forward to more states looking to exit the EU.  Marine Le Pen of the National Front party in France has promised a referendum vote on leaving the EU if she is elected President of France.  She was already a strong front runner, but now a vote for her is a vote against the dictators in Brussels as well, and a vote to end the limitless stream of Muslims entering France.  I believe that will be a winner with the voters.  Other countries with calls for referendums include Italy and the Netherlands.  As more countries leave the EU, the burdens will just grow that much greater on those who remain.  Brussels refuses to alter its disastrous immigration policies, meaning even more migrants will have to be borne by those countries that stay in the EU.

The next step to dismantle the edifice of the globalists is for a President Trump to likewise remove the United States from the United Nations, and kick the UN out of America.  It can’t happen soon enough.