Bush-Clinton Empire Has Ended

ELDER PATRIOT - A new CNN poll released today indicates that Americans have finally had enough of the Bushs and the Clintons.


Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to silence news reports about Hillary’s involvement in one controversy after another, she is now viewed by a significant majority of voters as untrustworthy.  Fully 57% of those polled feel Mrs. Clinton cannot be trusted.  Perhaps more damning is that 53% of the poll’s respondents feel she doesn’t care about people like them.  Those will prove difficult numbers to overcome.


Hillary’s response to questioning by Ted Cruz in front of a Senate committee investigating the Benghazi massacre exposed an attitude unbecoming a president.  When pressed on a particularly unpleasant point she responded, “what difference does it make now?”  Two reasons why it makes a difference come to mind immediately.


First, Mrs. Clinton showed no regard for the families of the slain Americans who deserved answers to their questions about how their sons died.  Additionally, Americans who may yet be asked by her to serve in dangerous positions abroad deserve to know that lessons had been learned and that strategies had been developed to prevent this from happening again.  She appeared cold-hearted, uncaring, and unfit for the position of Secretary of State.


The fact that we had sufficient military assets nearby and that she chose not to use them to defend the position of our ambassador and his guards strongly suggests Hillary is uncaring about the brave men and women asked to serve in harms way, and undeserving of their trust.


When America is reminded of how she mishandled the massacre of Americans in Benghazi, her claim to be the best candidate to “receive the phone call at 2:00 am” will become unbelievable.  In an increasingly unsafe world – due in large part to Mrs. Clinton’s malfeasance as Secretary of State – this will prove important.


Unlike Hillary, Jeb Bush is hampered by being the son of one former president and the brother of another former president.


Jeb’s father was a CIA Director who squandered the Reagan legacy and ultimately gave way to the Clintons after only one term.  Daddy’s alignment with, and support for legislation defining, a New World Order does not play well with the conservative wing of the party who have grown untrusting of the Republican party’s moderate leadership.


Brother George offers no help, either.  With over 43% of Americans believing some government conspiracy was involved in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Jeb starts his candidacy behind a huge eight ball.


Jeb has done nothing to help himself on immigration.  Republican voters have grown tired of the lip service that party regulars give to immigration reform.  Pandering to the Hispanic vote may play well in general election but it will derail Jeb Bush’s chances with Republican primary voters.


Good riddance to both less-than-royal families.

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