ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - It is Wednesday, September 7, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  How many times have the Beltway Pundit Class declared that the candidacy of Donald J. Trump was dead?  Once again, rumors of his political death are premature.  Just a few weeks ago, the so called experts thought that Trump was finished.  Clinton was leading him by double digits in the polls, including all of the battleground states.  Trump was subjected to around the clock negative media coverage and attack smears, as well as assorted gaffes, real and imagined.  Funny how I can’t think of any now, and I bet you can’t remember either.

Instead Trump is enjoying a 20 point lead among Independents nationally.  Remember when the Political Consultants told McCain and Romney that the key to winning elections was to win the Independent voters?  Remember when they said that in order to win Independents, Republicans would have to adopt an Amnesty on Immigration approach?

A new CNN poll puts Trump at a 2 point lead, but the real story is that CNN is polling based on interview samples that are heavily weighted in favor of DemocRats to the tune of a whopping 15% bias.  This means that in the CNN Fantasy Universe, they expect voter demographics to be 40% DemocRat, 25% Republican, and 35% Independent.

In reality, surveys show that 40% of Americans identify as Independent, and Republicans and DemocRats are tied with each other at around 30%.  So the polls ought to be showing Trump with a double digit lead over Clinton, if their methodology was honest.  But of course, the Leftmedia has been anything but honest covering this race.

If the media were honest, then viewers wouldn’t have witnessed the spectacle of Reuters cutting their own video feed of Donald J. Trump being warmly received by a black congregation in Detroit, and receiving a Jewish prayer shawl (a tallit) from a Protestant Minister.  Instead, they heard the studio director order the cameraman on the scene to stop filming.  This despite the fact that Reuters was contractually obligated to provide a video feed to several other subscribing news services.  You probably didn’t know that Donald Trump received a standing ovation from the congregation after his speech.  The Clinton News Media was too busy interviewing the one protestor outside the church.

This is how the Palace Guard Media deceives the voters.  They keep telling their viewers that the black vote is all sewn up by Clinton and the DemocRats.  They keep repeating the lie that Trump is “racist” (something that was never known about a man in the public eye for 35 years until the day he decided to run for office against a DemocRat).  Meanwhile, Donald Trump has employed more black people than the entire DemocRat caucus of the U.S. Congress, combined.  Trump is polling 14% support among blacks nationally, and 20% in the battleground state of Florida.  The Left Media also deceive themselves.

Here is a picture of the sycophantic Palace Guard Media.  They look like a bunch of out of breath tweens about to meet their favorite rock star back stage.  When Hillary went to the back of her campaign plane to chat with them (a first) this bunch of DemocRats posing as journalists couldn’t think of a harder question to ask Her Majesty than “Did you have a fun weekend?” and similar “hard hitting” questions.  Nothing about the latest revelations of Hillary’s staff destroying her blackberries with hammers to avoid turning them over to the State Department or the FBI.

That was just ten minutes before Hillary fell to another one of her infamous coughing fits.  She suffered two coughing fits in one day, each lasting over 5 minutes in length.  One wonders if God is preparing to cast a ballot for the presidency Himself, or maybe He’s just decided to take away Hillary’s ability to lie.  Did the Palace Guard Media decide it was time to investigate the allegations that Hillary is in poor health?  Of course not!  Instead they repeated Clinton’s lie that there was a high pollen count that day.  Except there wasn’t.

Oh, and then there was that little trip that Donald Trump took to Mexico where he took command of the press conference and got along well with the President of Mexico.  Compare that to Obama’s recent trip to China, where the Chinese government refused to roll out the red carpet or even the stairs for Obama to exit Air Force One.  Instead, Obama was forced to exit his plane through the kitchen and the servant’s entrance in the bottom of the plane.  That tells you all you need to know of what the Chinese really think about Barack Obama.

Remember when the DemocRats told us that Obama was going to repair America’s relationships with other countries around the world after the mess that the cowboy George W. Bush had made?  So why does the world hate us even more 8 years later?  And why would we vote for a woman who is going to continue those same failed policies?

Maybe that is why Donald Trump continues to defy the slings and arrows of the Establishment, and continues to run a competitive race.