ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Welcome to Moron Mondays:  DemocRat National Convention Edition.  I will be offering opinion and analysis all week on the DNC in Philadelphia, which I’m dubbing Crook Week.

Hillary Clinton has chosen Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate as she continues to work the High School Gym circuit of the campaign trail.  Clinton appearances are so heavily scripted and controlled that she can only fill a high school gym with the “correct” thinking type of low information drones at any given location.

Why did Her Royal Cankles choose Kaine for VP?  There is a hidden logic at work here:  Tim Kaine is as dirty and criminally corrupt as Clinton is, having illegally accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of “gifts” while in office as Governor of Virginia—criminal activity that has put fellow DemocRat Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell behind bars.  You would think that picking a dirty politician as a running mate would be a liability, but you have to think like a crime boss.  Clinton wants a compromised running mate because that gives her control over him.  She has Kaine by the short hairs and his testicles in a lock box, and if he ever gets out of line or threatens to undermine her, Clinton can hold the threat of criminal prosecution over him.  It was the same kind of leverage that Clinton used against the Obama Administration to avoid indictment and prosecution over her email scandal.

Control, in the mind of Clinton, trumps everything else.  Even if it meant pissing off Bernie Sanders supporters, spurning Leftmania star Elizabeth Warren, or choosing an Hispanic or Black running mate like Julian Castro or Corey Booker.  Kaine is boring, a charge that Clinton not only does not deny, but embraced, claiming:  “That’s what I love about him!”

Kaine is also a predictably far left, America Hating type of DemocRat, up to his ears in connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, a big proponent of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and an enemy of the 2nd Amendment.  A Clinton-Kaine ticket promises to deliver to Americans more debt, less sovereignty, continued loss of jobs to offshoring, and another million Muslim refugees shipped into America in the first year in office.

Remember when the Leftmedia declared the Republican National Convention was “off to a rocky start” because Melania’s speech writer lifted a few lines from a Moochelle Obama 2008 speech?  Well, what do you call the DemocRat Convention starting off with Wikileaks dumping 19,000 internal DNC emails that detail how the DNC rigged the primary to ensure that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win?  What do you call a party whose Chairman, Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz, is forced to resign right before the convention starts, and is pulled off the speaker’s schedule?  What do you call a Convention where Sanders Supporters are marching in the streets of Philadelphia chanting “LOCK HER UP!” about Hillary Clinton?

That’s not just a rocky start, it is a disastrous start.

As usual, Hillary Clinton says she knows nothing about the DNC planning attacks on Bernie as an atheist, the DNC giving her all the money raised from joint fund raising and stiffing the Sanders campaign, and more.  A DNC staffer even went so far as to raise a conspiracy theory that the email leak was engineered by the Russians to help the Trump Campaign.  Sure.  Well, I call it projection, like when Obama got caught trying to meddle in the last elections in Israel to try to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Infowars.com reporters canvassing DNC attendees found Sanders supporters outnumbering Clinton supporters 80 to 1.  Even DemocRats who say they will vote for Clinton don’t particularly like her.  This portends a similar lack of voter turnout among DemocRats in November, just as this year’s primaries saw a 20% drop in DemocRat turnout.

Donald Trump is enjoying a healthy post convention bounce of about 6 points, meaning the Republican Convention was far more successful than the DemocRat Controlled Media wanted to admit.  That lead may widen after the DemocRat’s convention in Philadelphia, as it seems this year that the party has veered far Left and has hitched its wagon to a domestic terrorist organization, BlackLivesMatter.  Every murdered cop is going to keep pushing voters to vote Republican in November.