ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Saddam Hussein had his Baghdad Bob, and the RNC has Curly Haugland.  Curly was at it again this week in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s landslide victory in New York.  For those of you who don’t remember, Curly Haugland is the Poster Boy for the Republican Oligarchy, and a member of the RNC’s dreaded Rules Committee, who has been coming out in media interviews throughout the primary season to tell voters how much their votes DON’T count, and that this is all really a selection process of a private club:  AND YOU AIN’T IN IT.

The latest Curlyism is from an interview he gave to CNBC on April 22nd:

“Even if Trump reaches the magic number of 1,237 the media and RNC are touting, that does not mean Trump is automatically the nominee.  The votes earned during the primary process are only estimates and are not legal convention votes. The only official votes to nominate a candidate are those that are cast from the convention floor.”

What does this mean?  A few things.  The first thing it means is that the RNC’s infamous “100 Day Plan” to prevent Donald Trump from getting to the goal line of 1237 delegates is now in enough doubt of being successful in the minds of the Oligarchs, that they are starting to float trial balloons for a “Plan B”.

There are 5 Northeast States that will have elections this Tuesday, April 26th, and Trump is leading all of them in the current polls.  Trump has a good shot at getting near a thousand delegates with these primaries, which will only leave him shy of another 237+ delegates.  But California, a winner-take-most state, will have 172 delegates up for grabs, and Trump is up in the California primary poll by a whopping +27% points!  Trump is also a shoe in to win New Jersey on the same day, a winner-take-all state with 51 more delegates up for grabs.  And this doesn’t even cover all the states left to hold primary votes.  The Trump campaign is estimating that they will end up with around 1400 delegates, well in excess of the 1237 needed. 

If Trump sews up the first round nomination vote, all of Ted Cruz’ machinations for a 2nd or 3rd round vote are for naught.

So, here’s Curly Haugland, ever so bluntly intimating that the Oligarchs may just move the goal posts however far they need to in order to still have a “contested” convention.  Which is really saying that they would prefer to destroy the Republican Party itself, and the legitimacy of the election process itself.  I don’t know if this is just sour grapes bluster, bluffing, or if the Oligarchs are really prepared to spark mass rioting and the creation of a new party that will send the Republicans to join the Whigs and the Federalists on the ash heap of history.

What the elites are doing is confirming Trump’s credentials as the only genuine “outsider” running for President this cycle.  The Law of Unintended Consequences being what it is, every time Curly Haugland opens his mouth, more voters switch to supporting Donald Trump.