Trump Has Wall Street Scared Sh*tless

ELDER PATRIOT - There’s one thing all the highly paid Wall Street investors, corporate CEO’s and international bankers are on the record about and it’s that they won’t go on the record when expressing how terrified they are when contemplating that Donald Trump might actually win the presidency.

These big money interests are growing increasingly frightened that a Trump presidency will bring their gravy trains to a screeching halt.  That’s why they have continued doubling down on Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, two candidates they know they can count on to keep that train on the tracks.

The comments of these muckety-mucks, though lacking attribution, go a long way towards revealing how self-centered and out of touch with the rest of America they are.  And, how they consider both political parties nothing more than their keys to controlling the government for enacting legislation, executive orders and departmental rulings that can push their stock values higher.

“I don’t know anyone who is a Donald Trump supporter. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who is a Donald Trump supporter. They are like this huge mystery group,” said one CEO.  They’re called the TEA Party and their ranks have been swelling as more and more people have grown disgusted with the one-party system that this CEO’s money has funded.  Of course he’s grown too accustomed to ignoring those people to have noticed.

Sounding a lot like King George III that same CEO continued, “No one really knows why this is happening.”  Maybe he missed the ninety-four million Americans who can’t find work and the quarter-quadrillion dollars of debt amassed under the direction of his favored candidates.

Another CEO complained, “I don’t think Trump is going to win, but I do worry about all the damage being done to Republicans.”  What he really meant was the damage done to their control of the Republican Party so that it has become indistinguishable from the Democratic Party when it comes to growing government and funneling taxpayer resources to the banks and corporations exclusively.

These people are steeped in money and used to getting what they want.  They will spend whatever it takes to buy the presidency because they have been able to do that successfully in the past.  The have already committed $100 million to Bush’s super PAC in just the last six months.  The PAC, Right to Rise, will begin savaging Trump in television ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and other early primary and caucus states when they decide the time is right.  It’s important to remember that a good portion of that $100 million dollars was made at the expense of our growing debt burden and thanks to the current President and Congress that they own.

These executives refuse to go on record about their distaste for Trump because they realize that openly criticizing him will drive his poll numbers even higher.  Americans rightly hold big banks in contempt for their roll in causing the last economic crash and then being bailed out with the people’s money. 

Trump’s strength derives from the fact that he built his brand and empire alone.  He has no shareholders to answer to.  He has no significant ties to either political party to poison his policy making.  All of this allows Trump to benefit from any direct attacks by the establishment candidates or their supporters.

Some of the more skittish members of the Wall Street Elite are beginning to consider abandoning Bush and are looking towards Ohio Governor John Kasich as the Trump antidote. 

“Kasich is a true businessman in contrast to Trump,” said Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO of the New York City Partnership, a NY centered group of business leaders who obviously has her head up her ass.  In Wylde’s world Kasich’s seven-year stint at Lehman Brothers makes him “a true businessman.”  To the rest of America it positions Kasich as another corporate candidate.  This only further proves these Elitists are incapable of understanding the Trump dynamic because they are mired in their own normalcy bias.

If these Elitists weren’t so cocksure that their money was capable of buying anything they want they’d open their eyes to the fact that an avowed socialist is the leading candidate for the nomination of the other political party they’re used to controlling.

These Elitists would do best to recognize the populist wave that their overreach ignited and make the best deal that they can for themselves in 2016.

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