When Chuck Norris is concerned about Jade Helm, you better be too

Last week, the Governor of Texas made issue of the upcoming military exercise Jade Helm and stated that he was going to send the Texas National Guard in to monitor the Federal troops, and ensure they do not interfere with the constitutional rights of their citizens.  And amid a great deal of flack from the controlled and paid for main stream media, one man has decided to stand with the Governor and bring to light his concerns over the government breaking the long standing statute known as Posse Comitatus.

And that man is none other than Chuck Norris, who as you know is the most fearless man alive… and if he has concerns, so should everyone else.

Last week, I laughed as some progressives in the mainstream media tried to mock Gov. Abbott for telling the Texas State Guard to monitor the Pentagon’s Jade Helm 15 military ops that are occurring this summer in seven states, including California and Texas.

If you haven’t heard about Jade Helm 15, you need to. It is multi-state training mission for special operations soldiers scheduled over an eight-week period in July and August, with most of the activity happening on private property but some public, too. The official website press release from March 24 admits: “While multi-state training exercises such as these are not unique to the military, the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart.”

Gov. Abbot was right in writing Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, “During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.” Abbott is demanding “regular updates on the progress and safety of the Operation.”

Concerned Texans and Americans are in no way calling into question our brave and courageous men and women in uniform. They are merely following orders. What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington. The U.S. government says, “It’s just a training exercise.” But I’m not sure the term “just” has any reference to reality when the government uses it. – Zerohedge

Norris is a distinguished veteran of the USAF, and a world champion in several forms and disciplines of the martial arts.  In fact, his support of the military and military veterans has lead the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James T. Conway, to become an honorary United States Marine in 2007.

In his letter regarding his concerns over Jade Helm, Norris makes a very important point that has been prevalent in nearly all recent attacks on this country over the past 14 years.  During the attack on both 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, federal troops and/or law enforcement were in the process of a drill or exercise in these locations, and their inability to stop an attack indicates they either failed at their duties, or even worse, provided cover which allowed the attacks to happen.

Jade Helm 15 is scheduled to occur in five states from July 15 - September 15… and coincides at or near the time of the Shmitah, and projected economic collapse.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for Secretsofthefed.comExaminer.com, Roguemoney.net, and To the Death Media, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.

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