ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - So, on Tuesday Barack Obama gave a petulant, whiny speech about the Orlando massacre, and Islam in general.  As Rush Limbaugh noted, Obama sounds like a Defense Attorney for Islam every time there is a terrorist attack by ISIS.  Obama derided his critics like Donald Trump, who have noted that Obama refuses to even utter the words “Radical Islam”.

In answer to Obama’s rhetorical question:  No, calling our enemy Radical Islam will not change what THEY do.  It isn’t supposed to.  It’s about US.  WE can’t fight an enemy properly that we cannot even name, and we cannot even identify.  It is similar to the effect that Ronald Reagan gave the West when he had the courage to call the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire”.  It crystalizes who the enemy is, and WHY they are the enemy and WHY it is morally justified for us to fight them.

Of course, we know why Obama keeps getting it wrong.  He is sympathetic to the Muslim cause.  He wants to fundamentally transform America, and one of the ways he is going about doing that is demographically, by standing down our border and engineering the mass migration of millions of foreigners into our country from Mexico, Latin America, and the Middle East.  He’ll take anybody as long as they aren’t white and of European extraction.  Obama hates Europe, because he is still carrying the anti-colonial grudge of his grandfather from Kenya (alleged, anyway, because there is strong evidence that his real father is communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis).

But even those that speak of Radical Islam are getting it wrong.  IT IS ALL OF ISLAM whom we are at war with.  If you don’t believe me, then allow me to edify you with the words of Islamic Speaker Fahad Qureshi.  Qureshi admits that it is mainstream Islam that wants to put to death all homosexuals.  It is a belief held by even the so-called “moderate” Muslims, just as most “moderate Muslims” believe the sexes should be segregated in public life, Jews should be exterminated, and the world should be ruled by Sharia Law.

Speaking at a conference in May of 2013, Qureshi said:  “I always try to tell them that….these are general views that every Muslim actually has….every Muslim believes in these things.”  Qureshi then asks the audience of Muslim attendees – black, white and Arab – to raise their hands if they agree with gender segregation and stoning women for adultery, as taught by the Qu’ran.  Virtually every single ‘moderate’ Muslim in the room raises their hand to agree with these positions.

Qureshi then asks the audience if they go to “normal Sunni mosques in Norway.” Virtually everyone raises their hand in agreement once again.  “What are the politicians going to say now?” asks Qureshi.  He continues with the rhetorical questions:  “What is the media going to say now? That we are all extremists? That we are all radicals? That we need to deport all of us from this country?”

Qureshi proves the point that so-called “moderate” Muslims are, in fact, Muslims that hold radical, violent and extreme views about the treatment of women and homosexuals.  Mainstream Islam IS radical Islam.  The “radicalization” of Muslim Jihadists comes from the Qu’ran, from the Imams, from the Madrassas, and from what they are taught as children by their parents.

Which is bad news for the LBGT community, because the Regressive Left holds Muslims in much higher regard in terms of the “Victim Olympics” than they view the gay community.  Not to mention that the Muslims are proven reliable to pull triggers and kill people, creating the chaos that the Left wants to justify gun confiscation.  Muslims are allowed to spew all the hateful and violent rhetoric they want and get a pass, because in the distorted world of political correctness, no one is allowed to be critical of Islam.  If you do, then you are branded an “Islamophobe”, no matter how justified your fear of what Islam might do to you might be.

We know that Donald Trump is willing to stand up to the Muslim onslaught against the West, but virtually no other major Western leader is.  Hillary Clinton has 20% of her campaign funded by Saudi Arabia, so don’t expect her to lift a finger to protect you from Muslim violence.

Leftists would rather blame Christians, no matter how tenuous the theory, and speak as the defense attorneys for violent Jihad, as Obama does, than stand up and defend the lives of gay people, or whoever else happens to be the victims of Islamic Jihad on any given day.  Just ask the women of Germany and Sweden.