Cruz Brags That He Won The Vote In Colorado. Ignores 1,000,000 Disenfranchised Voters

ELDER PATRIOT - Ted Cruz just can’t help himself.  He should’ve left Colorado with the delegates and kept his mouth shut.  Now that he has thrown in with the establishment there are enough talking heads making the rounds of the political discussion shows defending the totally corrupt process by which he procured those delegates.


But Cruz decided to address the situation and came away sounding like both a party insider and a member of a communist country’s politburo.


“They were Congressional conventions in each of the districts that came and voted for the delegates. At stake were 34 delegates and we won all 34.  A total of about 65,000 people voted in Colorado. So when Donald is screaming about the election being stolen from him, what he means is the people when they go to the ballot box are voting against him and it makes him angry.” – Ted Cruz on the John and Ken Show.


There are two blaring deficiencies in Cruz’s self-serving explanation.


First, if you believe Cruz’s 65,000 estimate, that leaves over 94% of the 1.1 million registered party members having been denied any say in the process.


Polling in Colorado had been suspended after Quinnipiac completed their last poll on November 11th of last year.  That poll showed Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz.  The party’s decision to deny Trump even a single delegate was borne of preventing Trump from reaching the 1237 delegates that Trump needs to win the nomination on the first ballot.  They simply couldn’t abide any pesky polls that showed otherwise.


It’s also interesting that among Colorado voters in a potential matchup with Hillary Clinton, Cruz leads her by 2 percentage points.  Among those same voters Trump leads her by 12 percentage points.


Second, is Cruz’s declaration that 65,000 party insiders got to vote for Colorado’s nominee.  The convention was held at the Broadmoor World Arena that has a seating capacity (when fully expanded to accommodate folding chairs) of 9,300 persons.  You can be the judge of whether or not Cruz embellished the extent of his support.


Most important is how these convention attendees were credentialed to represent the 1.1 million rank and file Republicans in the state.  They weren’t elected.  They were selected.  They retuned the favor by selecting Ted Cruz as they were told to do by their entrenched elders.


Ted Cruz should’ve left Colorado and kept his mouth shut.  He should’ve let others carry the water for him on this.  Instead he has become the face of an entrenched political system that has become so brazen that it denies the voters any representation on any level.  The Founders would be appalled at such an arrangement.