Another CLINTON INVESTIGATOR Commits ‘Awfully Suspicious’ “SUICIDE”

ELDER PATRIOT - There have been at least three-dozen deaths of Clinton associates that have never been properly explained.  There is at least that many more that don’t pass the smell test either.

We’re still wondering how the most “venerated investigative agency in the world,” the F.B.I., hasn’t solved the Seth Rich murder case.

Well now another victim may have been added to the Clinton’s ever-growing body count.

GOP operative Peter Smith was found dead in a Minnesota hotel room on May 14, 2017.  Outside of the standard obituaries the story of Smith’s death was ignored until two months later when the Chicago Tribune reported that Smith had committed suicide.

When Smith’s body was discovered his head was covered with a bag connected to a helium tank. His death occurred 10 days after giving an interview to the Wall Street Journal (the link has since been disabled) in which he said that he was hunting down Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails and looking for evidence of Russian hackers.

Even ultra progressive California Congressman Ted Lieu seems to be questioning the circumstances surrounding Smith:

Lieu was referring to the note found near Smith’s body that read:


WSJ writer Shane Harris who initially interviewed Peter Smith also tweeted that:

Those calling this a conspiracy theory make that determination on the fact that there is no evidence to support claims of foul play.  True enough but, as in the case of Seth Rich, if the investigations were deliberately and prematurely terminated there wouldn’t be.

Smith had assembled a team that found five teams of hackers, two of them Russian, that they believed had accessed Hillary’s illegal homebrew server.  He also claimed that his team had determined that her deleted emails were related to official business and not private affairs as Clinton claimed.

While the Deep State investigates every person President Trump and everyone who’s connected to him have ever spoken to while washing their hands in the same men’s room, they ignore the most obvious evidence screaming out to be investigated.

Sad as it is to have to say this President Trump’s assertion to Bill O’Reilly is looking more prescient with each passing day:

“There are a lot of killers.  We’ve got a lot of killers.  What, do you think our country is so innocent?”