JAW-DROPPING $1 Billion In Social Security Gone — Americans Are FUMING!

KIRSTERS BAISH| Since Republicans have taken control of Congress AND the White House Democrats have been letting us all know how upset they are. The things they are complaining about Republicans doing are the same things Obama and his followers spend eight years doing. These idiots called it their “patriotic duty” when they were in charge, but now that Republicans are having their turn it’s a different story.

The Democrats played the blame game while Obama was in office, claiming that Republicans were guilty of biases and obstruction… but now that the Republicans have taken over the White House and Congress they are doing just about everything they can to try to take Trump down.

“Yes I’m Right” reported even MORE hypocrisy by the Dems. The Democrats love to bash Trump for wanting build a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico, claiming that there isn’t enough money to build the wall. During Obama’s reign, however, the Social Security Administration allowed A BILLION DOLLARS to go to people who didn’t even have a valid social security number… something is gravely wrong with this picture.

It’s pretty obvious that the reasons Democrats didn’t mind all that money going to people with fake social security numbers is because those receiving the money were illegals, their very favorite group of people! The inspector general who performed the audit claims that around $182 million will be given to those without proper identification each year if we don’t fix these policies. This is exactly what Obama had wanted to accomplish during his presidency, so now it’s our job to reverse the damage.

The Democrats were well aware of the system’s shortcomings, but purposely left the issues unresolved. Their reasoning? Their political party actually benefits from illegals accepting payments from the government, making them dependent on government subsidized programs. This ensures voters for the Democratic party. Seriously, the best they can do is cheat their way to the top. (And that didn’t even work in the 2016 election! It’s all downhill from here for the Dems.)

As of right now, the system actually enables illegal immigrants to get payments if they are in custody of a child who is probably a citizen. This is completely ridiculous. People who have worked for their whole lives to make a living are swindled of money from each and every paycheck in order to pay for illegals to live in our country. And in case you didn’t know, that money will never be seen again. The Democrats have been mishandling our money for years, expecting that it will help them gain voters.

Republicans are going to need to figure out how to get around the liberals who are trying so desperately to give away all of our hard-earned money to illegals. Hopefully, with Republicans in Congress and in the White House we will be able to stop the flow of money out of our pockets. It seems very likely that with Trump in office we will see a huge decrease in money being given to illegal immigrants. Let’s hope that the Republicans in office are able to reverse some of the damage done by the Obama Administration.