JUST IN: Trump’s New FBI Boss Reveals Plan That Could Put Hillary BEHIND BARS

KIRSTERS BAISH| President Donald Trump has wanted Hillary Clinton behind bars since before he entered the race to become President of the United States. The vendetta became personal as the race progressed and Killary proved herself to indeed be a villain. Trump promised the American people that he would “Lock Her Up”. Recent reports have proved that jail time may actually be in Hillary’s near future.

As reported by TH:

During testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Trump’s nominee to head the FBI was asked a series of questions about foreign governments meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Specifically, longtime attorney and former federal prosecutor Christopher Wray was pressed about under reported efforts between the Clinton campaign, Democrat National Committee and officials from the Ukraine government to undermine Donald Trump’s candidacy. The collusion and combined efforts of the DNC and Ukraine officials were so significant, representatives from each camp met at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. to strategize.

We are all sick and tired of hearing the Democrats bitch and moan about Trump cheating in the election, because all roads have led to the conclusion that he did not cheat in the election. He won the presidency fair and square, even when the Democrats didn’t play fair. They were caught registering people who have been dead for years in order to gain more votes for Hillary Clinton. So, in order to mask their wrongdoings, they decide to concoct some ludicrous story about Trump being in cahoots with Russia in order to rig the election. I smell some BS.

When Senator Lindsey Graham spoke with Trump’s new FBI Director Christopher Wray, they discussed morality of other countries being involved with U.S. elections. Graham asked Wray to tackle the issue of the Ukraine having possibly been involved in rigging the 2016 election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Senator Lindsey Graham: Would you agree with me that it is wrong for the Ukraine to be involved in our elections?

Wray: Yes Senator. I take any….

Graham: I got you, right answer. Now, will you look into this?

Wray: I’d be happy to dig into it.

As Trump’s new top dog in the FBI, Wray has his work cut out for him. If anyone can back Hillary into a corner, it will be Wray. He has a great resume, having graduated from Yale Law School back in 1992. He also has served time as a U.S. District Attorney, Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, and his credentials go on. This guy has a serious shot at outing the Clinton family.

If everything goes according to plan and Hillary is charged, she could be locked up for up to 10 years, simply for being the one in charge of collusion with foreign governments in order to take down Trump the dirty way. Luckily for us, President Trump won fair and square. This could be the beginning of the end for the Clintons. Let’s hope it is!