New Evidence Surfaces: Absolute Proof COMEY IS GUILTY AS HELL!!

ELDER PATRIOT - Thanks to the investigative work of Judicial Watch, a new F.B.I. document dump containing 325 totally deleted pages and another 42 highly redacted (177 redactions) pages reveals James Comey deliberately mishandled the investigation into Hillary Clinton. 

The documents further support earlier claims that Comey had run a seriously flawed investigation that determinedly bent the rules of evidence to cover Team Hillary’s lack of cooperation.

According to Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, “The new records show how badly the Obama Justice Department and FBI mishandled the Clinton email investigation. “

Titled “Midyear Exam,” the new materials – some that were labeled “grand jury material” - reveal that Comey had considered he was in possession of enough damning evidence to empanel a grand jury. 

The new document dump discloses Comey had unbelievably negotiated with Mrs. Clinton’s private attorneys at the Washington DC powerhouse firm Williams & Connolly to gain possession of Hillary’s non-secure Apple iPads and two of her BlackBerrys.

When the Blackberrys were finally handed over to the F.B.I. the SIM cards and Secure Digital (SD) cards had been removed and with them so had all of the evidence.  This was a gross violation of evidence tampering and yet Comey did nothing.

At least 13 mobile devices had been identified as having been used by Madame Hillary that we are now learning were never turned over to the F.B.I. by Williams and Connolly.

Fox News characterized the documents as offering “a glimpse into the lawyering ballet inside the Beltway” that Comey was willing to stoop to in order to protect Hillary Clinton in a way that virtually no other criminal would be afforded.

Americans deserve to know the details of the criminal conspiracy that existed between Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey and what role President Obama might’ve played in it but don’t hold your breath waiting for the DNC-MSM to report this story that’s right under their noses and dripping with red meat.

We all deserve to know the role everyone surrounding Mrs. Clinton played in supporting her criminal activities and why Comey allowed them to destroy the evidence resident on their laptops, smartphones, etc.

Comey has fundamentally destroyed the F.B.I.  Under his direction the F.B.I. has:

  • Allowed criminal defense attorneys to determine what evidence, if any, government investigators get to see.
  • The F.B.I. now outsources investigations into presidential candidate’s backgrounds to private groups like Orbis Business Intelligence, LTD that was hired to do opposition research against Hillary Clinton’s political opponents.  In the case of Orbis, Comey was so enamored with their allegation of the perverse Trump “pissgate” narrative that he ignored the fact that the story had been fabricated and was considering paying for more of the same.

It’s time to arrest Comey and charge him with obstruction of justice, conspiracy to destroy evidence, and conspiracy to commit sedition against the sitting president of the United States.  Maybe if he’s faced with spending the remained of his life in a federal prison he’ll come clean and tell us what he knows.

It’s looking more and more as though his friend Robert Mueller, and Mueller’s team that appears to be expressed assembled to protect Clinton and her establishment cronies from prosecution, will not be able to protect Comey for much longer.

As long as the F.B.I. has taken to outsourcing their investigative work why not just hire Judicial Watch and let them do the work of draining the swamp that the F.B.I. has refused to do under both Mueller and Comey?