FDIC closes second bank of 2016 in Memphis, Tennessee

On April 29, the FDIC closed down is second bank for 2016 as Trust Company Bank shuttered its doors.  This institution is the second bank failure in the past two months, with North Milwaukee State Bank being closed down by regulators in March.

This bank failure is the first for the month of April and brings the overall number of bank closures in 2016 to 2.

4/29/2016 *** Tennessee *** Memphis *** Trust Company Bank *** $7.2 million dollar estimated FDIC DIF cost.

The total DIF for failed banks this week is $9.6 million.


If you were banking at Trust Company Bank in Memphis, TN, you are now banking at The Bank of Fayette County based out of Piperton, Tennessee.

For more on the FDIC bank closure lists you can go to the FDIC website and search through their report of failed banks, credit unions, and Trusts.

In 2015, there were a total of 8 banks that went into receivership, merged with another financial institutions, or closed their doors entirely.

Entering 2016, there are around 425 banks and other financial organizations on the troubled list due to mortgages, derivatives, and bad investments.

At the current rate of banks and financial institutions closing their doors so far this year, the estimated total number of failures for 2016 could reach 6.

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