ELDER PATRIOT - As soon as news broke that Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian attorney the MSM immediately turned up the volume on the Russia-Trump collusion narrative.

In fact the man who stooped to run alongside Hillary Clinton, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine actually escalated the lunacy by charging Treason has occurred:

“To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy, the investigation is now more than just an obstruction of justice investigation, it’s more than just a perjury investigation, it’s a treason investigation!” 

Nice try doofus.  To think this guy almost rode Hillary’s coattails into the vice presidency!  At least a little gravitas would be appreciated from someone who was almost the proverbial heartbeat away from being president.

Lindsey Graham, a frequent critic of Donald Trump, asked a simple question that destroys the entire Russia narrative – if after more than a year of multiple investigations you still need more proof that there’s no there, there:

“Here’s the question, why would they send the Trump campaign to a lady who knew nothing? So, I want to know about that too. It’s kind of an odd way to suggest the Russian government wants to help, by sending you somebody that doesn’t have any evidence at all.”

The Democrats should have accepted the results of the last election.   Instead they continued pounding the Russia-Trump collusion narrative telling more and more lies to enhance their claims. 

The problem for them with that strategy is that it was eventually destined to crumble under the weight of all those lies and the stupidity of so many of the people who had been marched out to advance them.

After this latest claim against Don Jr. it all came tumbling down on the Dems as those rushing to his defense discovered that the only collusion that existed was between Obama, Hillary and the Russians!!!