ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Barack Obama never seems to tire in devising new ways to demonstrate how much he hates America.  This Memorial Day weekend, Obama travelled to Japan to attend a memorial service in the city of Hiroshima.  Hiroshima, for those of you who don’t know history, was the Japanese city that the United States dropped the first American atomic bomb on in a successful bid to bring World War II to an end.

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<> on April 28, 2015 in Washington, DC.

While Obama did not go so far as to issue a formal apology for America dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, as many feared he would, he did the next worse thing.  When it came time for the miscreant to open his mouth, Obama said he was observing in memorial an observance for ALL World War II war dead!  If that insult to U.S. servicemen isn’t immediately obvious to you, then allow me to spell it out for you:

ALL war dead includes the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor.

ALL war dead includes the Japanese Army that carried out the Rape of Nanking.

ALL war dead includes the Japanese who forced American P.O.W.’s to do the Bataan Death March, and who tortured them as prisoners of war.  It is a sad chapter in the history of the war that is today too often over-looked and white washed away.  Retired Army Staff Sgt. Lester Tenney, 95, spent more than three years in Japanese prison camps, and still has the blood-stained, bamboo stick Japanese troops used to beat him across the face.

“If you didn’t walk fast enough, you were killed. If you didn’t say the right words, you were killed, and if you were killed, you were either shot to death, bayoneted, or decapitated,” he told The Associated Press. “I’ll never forget it. And so for that reason … there’s no reason for us to apologize to them, not any reason whatsoever.”

ALL war dead includes the Japanese who tortured captured American airmen and who used American captives as subjects in human medical experiments.  Experiments that resulted in our prisoners of war dying horrible, unimaginably painful deaths.

ALL war dead includes the German SS who served as concentration camp guards throwing Jews into ovens and gas chambers.

ALL war dead is a calculated slight that lumps American veterans with some of the worst butchers and villains of the 20th century in a callous, sickening display of moral equivalence.  Like everything else Obama does, it was not a mistake or a slip of the tongue, anymore than when he purposefully deletes any mention of God when quoting from the Declaration of Independence or the Pledge of Allegiance.

Just as when, every time Obama bows and scrapes before foreign leaders (like he is doing to the Emperor of Japan in the photo above) he symbolically says that America and all Americans are subjects of a foreign power.  Because when Obama travels abroad as a Head of State, he represents US, not merely himself.