Alyssa Milano Aims Missiles At Trump & Fires… NUKES Obama, Hillary, Donna Brazile, & Lynch Instead!

KIRSTERS BAISH| Hollywood scumbags have been bitching and moaning about President Trump even before he won the 2016 Presidential Election. It comes as no surprise that an idiot like actress Alyssa Milano has been on his case like white on rice.

We saw how quick Milano was to attack President Trump after the election on Twitter. She openly supported the “A Day Without a Woman” strike. And in recent times she proclaimed her undying support for Democrat Jon Ossoff during the special election to make it to the Georgia congressional seat, which was vacant due to Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price leaving. Sorry your guy lost, Alyssa. She’s continuing to prove herself to be another whiny liberal celebrity who is obsessed with bashing President Trump.

This past Sunday Milano made a COMPLETE ass of herself. After hearing that there was indeed a confirmed meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney, Milano attacked like a blind tiger. She tweeted some pretty idiotic garbage that conservatives were quick to shoot down.

Her tweet read:

“Col-lu-sion – noun – secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”

The result she got is amazing. Not only did Alyssa look like a total idiot, she made Democrats look bad. Seriously, you have to read the tweets aimed back at Milano.

It started with Chris Loeffler who used her tweet to poke at Former President Barack Obama when he said:

“What about Obama giving Iran 1.7 Bil. What about he knew about Russia last year and did nothing about it? Fast and furious?”

Then, thanks to Milano, Bernie Sanders got his when The Wine Guru tweeted:

“Ahhh..Duh..He’s a private citizen .. how about @SenSanders and his under investigation for FELONY bank fraud. That’s a legitimate story.”

Don’t think for a second that Killary and CNN got away unscathed. They were next when Johnny D tweeted:

“Collusion… you mean how CNN leaked debate questions to Hillary, or how the DNC colluded to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.”

Ouch, hit them right where it hurts! But the tweets don’t stop there! One guy threw Bill AND Hillary into it, bashing the couple together along with their good old pal, Barack Obama and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch:

“Hillary Clinton + Bill Clinton + 0bama + Loretta Lynch = COLLUSION Yet… Nothing! GFY!”

It’s safe to say that after the backlash Milano got she might think twice before saying something totally idiotic on the internet again… but then again probably not. Just like all of these celebrities who think they know everything and try to convince the world that they are fighting for human rights and “fairness”, she made herself look like a total ass. Luckily, there are some quick-witted and educated people on the internet who are willing to speak the truth. Thanks for the laughs, Alyssa!