WATCH: What The French President Walked Up To Trump And Did Is Making Journalists SCREAM

KIRSTERS BAISH| Emmanual Macron, French President, went right on up to President Donald Trump when he saw him while taking the G-20 picture. To appreciate the whole situation, you have to watch the video below.


During the leader’s group photo at the G20 summit Macron decided that he would rather stand next to President Trump than anyone else. Not what you were expecting? Macron seemed extremely excited to be in the presence of Trump, especially since we are in dire need of a different approach to leadership in our world, and Trump is just the man to do that.

According to the Telegraph, the real reason Macron finagled his way over to President Trump is reported to be for a far different reason. The G-20 photo lineup is done in order of length of time that the president has been in the conference.

The way that Macron looked at Trump, so adoringly, leads us to believe that maybe he had ulterior motives, perhaps that he truly was excited to be standing next to the new President of the United States. I think it’s safe to say that even Macron knows that Trump is a man of his word and that he is truly doing everything in his power to “make America great again”.