Thanks To President Trump, Iraq Announces That ISIS HAS FINALLY BEEN DEFEATED!

ELDER PATRIOT - Barack Obama spent eight years building up the radical extremists’ armies – Al Qaeda and ISIS – as he attempted to reshape the Middle East into an Islamic Caliphate that could threaten Israel, the more moderate Arab States and eventually the United States.

When Donald Trump became president he promised that Obama’s Middle East tactics of arming and funding the terrorists were over, the handcuffs were being removed from the service men and women we were charging with fighting them, and he told the generals in charge of operations to annihilate ISIS and al Qaeda as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In other words Trump wanted Obama’s nascent army of radical extremists defeated, and quickly.  Trump told them, “Screw political correctness, there’s Americans lives at stake.”  Get-r-done!

When he shared his plan with the governments of over 60 Muslim nations on his recent trip to Saudi Arabia they were supportive of with it.

Here we are less than six months into Trump’s first term and ISIS in Iraq has been largely defeated.  This should help their recruiting efforts, don’t you think?

“Join ISIS – Die in Some Hell Hole.”

Cleanup operations will be underway for some time yet but the U.S.-backed Iraqi army announced they had won the battle for Mosul yesterday.

While sporadic resistance by cornered ISIS militants continues in a small pocket of Mosul that’s expected to be cleaned out to end by today or tomorrow.

As we look forward to a total defeat of the Obama funded insurgency, Reuters reporter Stephen Kalin warns that the work is not yet finished:

“There are a number of smaller cities to the south and west of Mosul, and we’re expecting that the military campaign will continue with the help of the U.S.-led coalition. The battle is not over against ISIS by any stretch in Iraq. And in addition to those cities, we expect that there will be an insurgency, that there will be asymmetrical terrorist type attacks in Mosul and other parts of Iraq. So, it — really stabilizing Iraq will continue to be an important mission for the security forces.”

Sixteen years of often-deliberate mismanagement has resulted in America’s longest running war and a complete embarrassment.  We were fighting an army that had little more than IEDs, AK 47’s and shoulder held rocket launchers.  They wouldn’t have been able to hold on this long if our brave fighting men and women hadn’t had their hands tied behind their backs.

This is what winning looks like.  Donald Trump has spent a lifetime getting big projects done ahead of schedule and under budget and when it comes to protecting our brave warriors that’s exactly what he’s doing.