TREASON: Republican Leadership Moving to End Trump’s Presidency

ELDER PATRIOT - That the Republican establishment wanted no part of Donald Trump was known from the time he launched his campaign.  They had worked hard to denigrate Obama’s presidency and to expose Hillary’s corruption and they expected that it was their turn to take charge of the swamp and all of the money that is pumped through it.

Trump couldn’t be counted on to play ball and the more he declared his intention to drain the swamp the more they feared him and they wanted to stop him.  Leadership spurned him even claiming Hillary Clinton would be preferable to a Trump presidency.

While Americans voted for Trump it’s unlikely that many ever tied the Republican leadership’s preference for the notoriously corrupt Clinton to the fact that they feared Trump’s promise to clean up the increasingly detached Washington establishment as much as the Democrats did.

Fast forward to today.  Republican leadership – House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – refuses to put an Obamacare repeal package on the president’s desk.  It’s significant to recall that leadership ran on repeal only – on day 1!  It was president Trump that added the call to replace it with something more compassionate and less intrusive and costly.  They could’ve sent a clean repeal bill to the preisent’s desk at any time.

On the other side of the aisle you’d think the Democrats would’ve jumped at the opportunity to fix Obamacare with Trump so that would no longer “own” the collapsing healthcare system.  Their entrenchment on this and every other issue likewise makes one question why they are so intent on going down in an effort to

obstruct the president’s common sense agenda? 

That no one wants to work with the president and would rather gridlock the government is one indication that both parties are joined at the hip in refusing President Trump a legislative victory no matter how badly the American people may be suffering.

It’s the same story on tax cuts though the Marxists that comprise the Democratic Party can be excused because of their secularist beliefs on this issue. 

How can the Republicans not be able to come together on these two issues?  Contrary to what they would like us to believe neither is rocket science.  The more appropriate question is why won’t they come together on theses issues?

They know that if they fail to deliver the voters will turn them into 100 Eric Cantors.  What can make early retirement so enticing?  The answer is nothing unless the alternative is being frog walked out of your office and facing 10-20 in a federal prison.

For the dishonest establishment Republicans, obstructing Trump may result in voters replacing them but if that results in a Democratic Congress and they move to impeach and remove Trump they may at least escape prosecution for their crimes. 

No one on either side of the aisle is counting on Trump suddenly deciding to abandon his plan to “drain the swamp.”  He is a man on a mission and that doesn’t include allowing corrupt politicians and their criminal associates to be in place for his entire first term.

That is why the only piece of legislation Congressional leadership is preparing to send to him is a Russia sanctions bill that is designed to tie his hands in negotiations with Putin.  With domestic policy at a standstill thanks to both parties, Trump has been racking up foreign policy wins like a man possessed.

For Trump the big prize on the foreign policy front would be normalizing relations with Russia, a country that shares Trump’s fierce nationalist instincts.  Together both countries would put a severe crack in the globalist movement.

Ryan and McConnell have again conspired to hand Trump a political humiliation, this time proactively by tying his hands on foreign policy rather than through obstructionism as with healthcare and taxes.

If we allow their strategy to turn Trump’s life into a political hell to be successful no one will ever challenge the swamp again.  Trump has stood up for us and now it’s our turn – our responsibility to our children – to stand up for him.

Remember this next spring when you have the chance to ferret out the establishment shills in your state’s primary.