Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders About Donald Trump Jr., IMMEDIATELY Regrets [VIDEO]

KIRSTERS BAISH| It comes as no surprise that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is pissing liberals off again. During Monday’s press conference one ABC reporter questioned her about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a lawyer who had Russian ties. The reporter’s goal in trying to imply that Trump Jr. was using Russia to help Trump win was obvious, and Sarah saw straight through the BS.

Sanders took no time in defending Trump Jr., starting out by saying:

“I’ve been on several campaigns and people call offering information…many of you receive similar calls from people offering information. Don Junior took a very short meeting from which there was absolutely no follow-up.

Although Sanders already disputed the allegation, she went on to shove it in the face of the left-wingers that they were extremely wrong about their accusations. She went on to say:

“Frankly, something that may make sense is looking at the DNC coordinating opposition research directly with the Ukrainian embassy. This is not an accusation, this is an on the record action that they took…and no one in this room really had a big problem with that.”

She delivered the knock-out punch when she stated:

“The only thing I see inappropriate about the meeting was the people that leaked the information on the meeting after it was voluntarily disclosed.”

You can watch the press conference here:

Sarah is doing a great job keeping those liberal pricks in their place. The Trump Administration will continue to benefit immensely from her poise and quick responses. So, while liberals continue to beat a dead horse, we can move on to more important matters.