Trump Sends Huge ‘F You’ To G20 Dictators on Last Day of Summit After Seeing What They ALL Did

KIRSTERS BAISH| This past week President Donald Trump attended the G-20 Summit meeting with many other world leaders. Trump did us proud, representing America and everything our country stands for. Those who bury their noses in the lies of the mainstream media, however, would not know the truth about what happened at the meeting. The foreign press even gave Trump praise for how he conducted himself. While his time in Germany was coming to a close, President Trump did something that would serve as an important message to all of the dictators of the world.

While the other leaders at the meeting seemed to remember the United States’ previous Commander-in-Chief, they were shocked to realize just how different President Trump is from Former President Barack Obama. President Trump proved his loyalty to his country and to his beliefs. What Trump did during one photograph has American patriots feeling extremely proud to be an American.

While the phrase says that a photo speaks 1,000 words, it’s clear that this photo speaks even more than that. Right before the group photo of the world leaders was taken, President Trump did something incredible. Out of all of the world leaders that attended the meeting, President Trump was the only one to do what he did, even though there were tens of thousands of European protestors in the streets who are against G-20 and globalism. Trump made his point loud and clear.

We all know that Trump is a true patriot, and he would put America first in any situation, which is why we elected him President. We were extremely proud when Trump decided to go against the tide. All of the G-20 leaders were given a lapel pin to represent the meeting, but Trump decided to wear something else instead. To Trump and many other Americans, the pin that the leaders were given represents a very liberal mindset about global economic and foreign policy, which clearly isn’t Trump’s outlook. President Trump opted for an American flag pin, which he has worn on his jacket since the beginning of his journey to becoming President.

As reported by America First Patriots:

“While all the other G20 nations sold out to the siren song of globalism and proudly donned their G20 Lapel Pins, the Real Don, President Trump boldly shunned them as if they were the Mark of the Beast itself.

Thank you, Mr Trump!

“America First will be our credo!” – DJT

“The American people elected me President of Pittsburg, not of Paris.” – DJT

I love how firmly President Trump understands his role in the world today.  He is one of the sole voices fighting back against the onslaught of globalism.  He is not willing to bow to the G20 nations.”

President Trump has proved himself to be an extremely intelligent man time and time again. His actions are thought out, and he continues to wow us with his patriotism. It was a beautiful sight to see our President representing our country and going against the tide to do so. His promise to make America great again is not falling by the wayside, as he continues to avoid the globalist agenda. While the mainstream media loves to paint Trump as an evil villain, Trump continues to prove that he is the right leader for our country, and that he will do anything to bring America back to what our forefathers fought so hard for.

It’s a beautiful thing to see a true patriot back in the White House after suffering for eight years with Obama in charge. Thank you, President Trump, for showing the world what America stands for.