ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The chaos and violence in Sweden, brought on by the reckless importation of large numbers of military aged Muslim men, is threatening to descend Sweden into civil war.  The murder rate has risen 80% in Sweden in the last two years.  Sweden, with a population between 8 and 9 million people, has recorded 160 murders so far this year, up from 150 last year.  In 2014, before large scale Muslim immigration of hundreds of thousands, the Swedish murder rate was only 87.  Norway, by comparison, only had 23 murders in 2015. 

Now the government of Sweden has officially acknowledged that the country is facing an existential threat.  The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) has urged the country’s municipalities to prepare for civil war. The agency sent official letters out to the security heads in all of Sweden’s municipalities explaining that they must be better equipped to meet the threat of civil war.

“This places high demands on … operational tempo, decision making, information sharing, crisis communication, flexibility, robustness and managing secret information,” states the letter, as reported by the English language Swedish website, The Local.

“They better get to work on this, because MSB knows what’s coming, with previews every weekend for everyone to see, even though they won’t say it directly…yet,” commented a second English language Swedish website, Speisa.com.  The “preview” referred to is the unprecedented number of cars being set on fire every week by Muslim extremists. 

In the Swedish city of Malmo, the area has become a warzone reminiscent of Beirut, Lebanon in the 1980’s.  It is so bad, some Somali migrants are even talking about leaving and going back to Somalia, which seems safer by comparison.

The odds of Sweden surviving this onslaught are not good, because Sweden is led by far left Socialists with virtually no conservative, or patriotic, alternative voice.  Sweden’s government is so loony leftist that the government recently mandated a “feminist oriented snow plowing plan”.  What is feminist snow plowing, you might wonder?  It meant Sweden would ignore the major road arteries used by men to go to their jobs in the cities from the suburbs, and place first priority on walking paths used by mothers to get their children to school.  As you can probably guess, the first large scale snow storm met with “feminist snowplowing” ended in disaster, with the roads taking days to unsnarl, and businesses being forced to close and the economy brought to a standstill.

Sweden is virulently feminist, to the point of having an official government policy of misandry against all things masculine.  This comes at the worst time for Swedish society.  As the barbaric and brutal Muslim population gains more confidence, Swedish men, who would normally rise up to defend Swedish society, have been neutered by the Swedish feminists who run Sweden.

History shows that a society that is unwilling to defend itself will quickly be faced with extinction.  We’ll miss the Swedish Bikini Team.