ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Check out the latest video on the benefits of multiculturalism:

Lest you think that this is “fake” news, this video was originally posted to Youtube by the respectable German Newspaper BILD.  There is no guarantee how long it will be permitted to stay posted before Chancellor Merkel’s Social Media Stazi scrub it from the Internet, and chuck it down the Memory Hole (Orwell reference).

Are you feeling that this diversity makes us stronger?  Do you feel the cultural enrichment?  Or do you believe your eyes and feel the seething Muslim hatred for Europeans, whites, and Western Civilization?

Note that the pious Muslim who cowardly sneak attacks the woman (really, the only kind of attack they know how to do) is holding a beer bottle in his hand.  Funny how much these military aged Muslim migrants like to drink alcohol while they pine to turn Europe into a Muslim Theocracy.  One of the gang retrieves a dropped bottle of booze as they flee the scene of the atrocity.

The German woman had to be brought to a hospital to be treated for her injuries.

This is not a “one off” attack, either.  There are tens of thousands of such attacks going on in Germany.  It has gotten so bad that Merkel has ordered the German Police to stop recording the ethnicity of Muslim attackers, in a desperate bid to keep the truth from the German public.

In April of this year, an Iranian kicked a German woman (from behind, naturally) off the platform and into the path of an oncoming train.  She died at the scene while members of the public captured and restrained the attacker until police arrived.  You can view the German news report (with English subtitles) here.  No “fake” news going on here, these stories are well sourced.

This Muslim criminality and pathology comes straight from the top, straight from the Koran, and straight from their Imams.  It is an organized invasion and its aim is conquest and genocide of the white European.  It was made possible by the active treason of the Socialists who run Western Europe and the European Union.  We are probably going to see the extinctions of several nationalities in our lifetimes, unless a Donald Trump style leader can regain control of these countries.