IT WAS HIM! James Comey’s Best Friend Just FLIPPED & Exposed Him For Who He REALLY IS

James Comey’s good friend might just be the final nail in the “Comey Coffin”

Benjamin Wittes is a longtime friend of James Comey, is the editor-in-chief for the blog Lawfare and is a former editorial writer for the Washington Post. He just dropped a BOMBSHELL that could get Comey in major trouble. 

Wittes says Comey has been leaking to him “over the previous few months” and has even disclosed information to him about the infamous Trump-Comey dinner. In his May 18 post, he issued a long story describing the relationship and what he knew. So how long was Comey leaking?

Comey has already admitted to leaking his “memos” to another friend so he could give them to the New York Times. After this, Trump Tweeted that Comey may have been the “leaker” this whole time. Now yesterday, the Daily Mail caught Comey walking into the New York Times building! SHARE this on Facebook if you think James Comey should be held accountable for all these leaks!

Wittes seems to try and downplay what Comey has told him. He says what they discussed shouldn’t be considered “leaks”. That’s kind of hard to believe, though. If you know something that nobody else knows except for workers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation… that seems like a leak. What’s worse- the person who told you is the head of the FBI!

James Comey tells his friend Benjamin Wittes about his interactions with Donald Trump. Since Wittes is a good friend, he waited until after Comey was fired to post it all. He knew if he posted what Comey told him the next day he would be in trouble. Is it too far out to think that Comey knew Wittes could write these stories if he was fired? What if he called him and gave him the “go ahead”? Breitbart reports that Wittes contacted the New York Times with his story and even later discussed it in a BuzzFeed interview. Even today, James Comey was spotted entering theNew York Times.

We don’t know exactly what else James Comey told Benjamin Wittes in their frequent altercations, but we do know that Comey is not being held accountable. How can this guy admit in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee that he leaked information to reporters and get away with it? What is the next thing we find out about Comey and Wittes says, “Oh, right, I knew that. I just forgot. Everybody else knows it now, though, so it’s not a crime”?

James Comey deserves to be held accountable. VIA