Finally What We’ve Been Waiting For: Trump Takes Off The Gloves & Launches Nuclear Offensive Against the Deep State

ELDER PATRIOT - After watching former F.B.I. director Jim Comey admit to having committed multiple felonies and then being allowed to walk out of the Senate Intelligence Committee without being arrested, President Trump realized how deeply rooted in our government the resistance to his presidency is.

The fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t order an immediate search of Comey’s home, computers, and F.B.I. files, and then ordered the depositions of Comey’s closest associates at the F.B.I. only adds to our concerns that the fix is in against President Trump.

Comey’s track record for rooting out corruption in our government is non-existent.  Less than a third of Americans still believe government is honest so how has Comey, the oh-so-highly-respected man charged with bringing these criminal elements to justice failed to prosecute even a single one? 

Even after infamously spending 14-minutes listing Hillary Clinton’s multiple violations of the Espionage Act he then dismissed her gross criminal conduct by claiming “no reasonable prosecutor” would recommend indictment. 

Sorry but that dog doesn’t hunt.  His job was to convene a Grand Jury, present the evidence to them, and the let them decide whether an indictment was warranted.  In bypassing his responsibility to let the people decide, he made himself the investigator and, the judge and jury.  This is how it’s done in totalitarian societies not in a system that prides itself on having checks and balances.

The fact that no Congressional Republicans so much as chastised Comey’s usurpation of judicial power told President Trump the depth and breadth of the swamp is committed to draining.

Comey’s lies under oath, on Thursday, gave President Trump all of the ammunition he needed to commit himself fully to exposing Comey and then by extension those who defended and even praised his work, (probably because he never sought to indict them either.)  That included many Republican lawmakers.

Trump is aware of a lot more than the MSM wants you to believe.  While the MSM continues feeding you fake news and outright lies in their efforts to save the Deep State, Trump is being fed information as well.  It would be naïve to believe that in an intelligence community as vast as the one that we have no one is leaking to the president. 

Because President Trump needs to protect his sources he has remained silent about what he knows, choosing only to troll the swamp by tweeting in an effort to infuriate his enemies and have them make mistakes.

Comey did that Thursday and now Trump’s counter-offensive has begun.

Thankfully, unlike his thin-skinned enemies who talk a good game but are walking on eggshells, President Trump is man enough to withstand the barrage against him while he waits for his opportunity to strike.

Kind of like the Rumble in the Jungle.  Only, this time it’s in the swamp.


Remember back then no one gave Ali a chance either.