ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - The leftists who run Europe and Canada have been successful in criminalizing so called “Hate Speech”.  It turns out it is a very low threshold in Europe to be guilty of hate speech.  Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, was convicted by a leftist judge in Holland of hate speech last week.  Wilders was convicted on two charges, “inciting discrimination” and “insulting a minority group”.  What did he actually say?  He merely asked his supporters whether they wanted “fewer Moroccans” in the Netherlands, at a small public rally in a bar in The Hague, on March 19, 2014.


In Germany citizens who object to mass Muslim migration in the mildest of terms on Facebook get visited by the police, and warned they might be prosecuted for “hate speech”.  In the U.K. the government employs thousands of plain clothes police to spy on citizens’ public conversations for “hate speech” aimed at Muslims or other protected groups. 

In France Marine Le Pen was tried and acquitted of hate speech charges for saying that Muslim migration threatens French sovereignty like nothing since the country was occupied by Nazis.  Inconvenient truth, it seems, is also “hate speech”.

In America we still have a First Amendment, but numerous local jurisdictions have ordinances criminalizing “hate speech”, and those little Marxist Mini-States we call universities routinely suspend and expel students for uttering “hate speech”.  Under the Supreme Court case of Brandenberg vs. Ohio, your speech is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment unless the government can show that your speech will cause “imminent harm” to an individual person.  Now many jurisdictions argue that “harm” is just hurting someone’s feelings.

Because hate speech is bad, right?

But what is hate speech, and what is hatred as an emotion?  Is it ever justified?  Let’s back up and analyze what we are actually talking about.  First, let’s drop the emotionally charged word “hate” and just start with “dislike”.  What does it mean when I dislike something, or even someone.  What does it mean if I am not allowed to ever dislike anything or anyone?

Is it ok to think that “I don’t like broccoli?”  Is it ok to say that I don’t like Nazism? 

It turns out that Freedom equals having the ability to dislike something or someone.  If I am not allowed to dislike, and I am forced to like EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, then that is the essence of lacking any freedom of thought, or having free will.

Not allowing a person to have likes and dislikes means that everything is the same in a moral context.  Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa become indistinguishable from one another, morally, if I am coerced to only like, and never dislike, anyone.  Morality itself becomes a non sequitur, a meaningless concept.

So, in order to be free, and in order to have moral agency, I must be free to dislike.  I must be allowed the discernment to realize that there is a moral difference between a criminal who murders and a soldier who kills to defend national sovereignty.  If I cannot discern between caviar and excrement, sanity itself becomes impossible.

Therefore, the right of the individual to dislike, is sacrosanct to freedom itself.  It applies to things, ideologies, and other people.  You can debate and argue over my reasons for disliking something or someone, but you have to acknowledge my right to do so.  Otherwise, I am not free, and held under a form of slavery.

Now, let’s go back to the word “hate”.  Hatred is defined as strongly disliking, even violently objecting, to something or someone.  It is merely a more extreme degree of disliking.

Therefore, “hatred” is merely a more vehement form of exercising your freedom.  We can argue over whether my reasons for hatred are meritorious, but to be a free man, the State and society must recognize my right to hate.  It turns out that the campaign against so called “hate speech” is just a campaign to suppress freedom of speech.  Political Correctness is just a weapon to silence expression and, often, the Truth.

I hate Islam.  I proudly hate Islam.  I proudly hate Islam because a religion that encourages its followers to attack and murder non-Muslims is evil, according to my moral standards.  I hate Islam because it practices sex slavery of women, and genital mutilation against women.  I hate Islam because it is responsible for countless acts of terror and murder.  I hate Islam because it seeks to destroy everything that is not Islam, including priceless historical artifacts.  I think I have very good reasons to hate Islam, and my hatred of Islam, or other evils, is obedience to God within my moral context.  My hatred of Islam is rational.  If you tell me I have to tolerate or accept Islam, then I hate you, too.

That’s right.  Thank God for hate speech.  Because God allows us to have Free Will, we have the freedom to hate.  God wants us to hate evil things and evil people.  God does not want us to tolerate evil, negotiate with evil, or make excuses for evil.  Because when we do, we become evil ourselves.  We enable it.  Evil flourishes when good men fail to act.

Hate speech is freedom, and all the attempts to censor and ban and criminalize hate speech is an attempt to take away my freedom. 

I hate that.