ROMNEY WORDSWORTH - Turkey’s President, and Obama BFF, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has issued an official statement that the Turkish Army has entered Syria to end the rule of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom he accused of terrorism and causing the deaths of thousands of Syrians.

“We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” the Turkish president said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul, as quoted by Hurriyet daily.  Erdogan said that Turkey has no territorial claims in Syria, but instead wants to hand over power to the Syrian population, adding that Ankara is seeking to restore “justice.”

“Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice,” he said.

This is ironic, given that Turkey and Syria are both states run by a strongman.  Turkey regularly commits atrocities against journalists and Armenians, and has refused to apologize for the Armenian Genocide committed by Turkey in the 20th century.

I suspect that Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin will soon be issuing the following statement of his own:

“We entered Turkey to end the rule of the tyrant Recep Tayyip Erdogan who terrorizes with state terror.  We didn’t enter for any other reason.  Russia has no territorial claims in Turkey, but instead wants to hand over power to the Turkish population.  Moscow is seeking to restore “justice”

See, the other guys on the block can do it too.  You don’t get to invade your neighbors without consequences.  I know that some of you may be thinking that NATO might say the same thing to Putin.  Given that Erodgan is Barack Obama’s bromantic partner on the world stage, perhaps he is doing this for his BFF.  Perhaps this is the final trigger by the New World Order Globalists to set off World War III, before Donald Trump can take office and normalize relations with Russia again.

This only underlines the exceeding recklessness on the part of Erdogan that he would risk plunging the world, and certainly his own country, into the flames of war.  Ultimately, though, NATO is toothless, and can’t even protect its citizenry from Muslim rape gangs.  Besides issuing the nuclear launch codes, NATO does not have the conventional forces to seriously threaten Russia.

So we will watch and see who blinks first here.  Pray that these fools don’t blow up the planet before Donald Trump can take office and let Turkey know that there will be no one to rescue him when he picks a fight with the Russian bear.